Carrie Ann Inaba is already one of the most familiar faces on television, and there's nothing like taking a second job to start a year off right. Wednesday, January 2, brought the official word that the energetic Inaba would be ending her guest-hosting role on “The Talk,” which she has taken on since last September, and assume her station at the table with a seat as permanent co-host.

To say that Carrie Ann Inaba came in as a pinch-hitter at a hard time on “The Talk” is an understatement. Julie Chen was among the original founders of the show, along with Sharon Osbourne, and co-creator, Sara Gilbert.

Julie Chen initially soldiered through the media onslaught and glaring press scrutiny following the revelations of sexual misconduct by her husband, Leslie Moonves, the head of CBS.

Chen initially vowed to make only one statement, standing by her husband, but just a week after taking time off in September, she announced that she would not be returning. The continuing allegations of assault and misconduct have led most recently to Moonves losing the $120 million “golden parachute” guarantee of his contract in December.

Clearly, the family is still in crisis mode and needs time away from cameras, and Carrie Ann Inaba has had plenty of time to get cozy with Sara, Sharon, Sheryl Underwood, and musician and actress, Eve, on the Emmy-winning show.

The official announcement of her being named host was widely featured in entertainment media, including USA Today and the Huffington Post.

Tough times, still warm feelings

It’s always hard for faithful viewers to see someone from a favorite show suffering in public, particularly when the family has a young child. Julie Chen carried on as a wife, professional and a mother to her son, Charlie, while her sister co-hosts steered “The Talk” in the wake of the investigation into her husband's behavior.

Throughout, they have remained supportive of their friend but truthful regarding the situation.

The seasoned news anchor had nothing but compliments about Carrie Ann Inaba on her first day.

“You look awful good sitting in that chair, my Asian sister, I'm just saying,” quipped Chen good-heartedly.

Sharon Osbourne offered even deeper gratitude to Carrie Ann, crediting that “you have brought us together, and we love you for that.”

Longtime fans love that the appeal of “The Talk” stems from the honesty and bond, between the ladies at the table, allowing them to talk about anything and be real.

One such moment was when the hosts became the first to be completely make-up free for an entire episode. Sheryl Underwood has often brought every viewer and everyone at the table to tears with her painful, yet hopeful, family revelations, strengthened by her faith.

Carry Ann Inaba turns 51 in just days and is a seasoned pro after 27 years on television, but she's never afraid to show her tears, let out a big laugh, or tell the truth, and those qualities should keep her around the table for a long time on “The Talk.” She's never too delicate to take a fall from her chair, either.

Dancing with dual jobs

Dancing With The Stars” faithful know all too well that while Carrie Ann cares a lot about the heart and intention within a performance, she can also be very nitpicky about little details.

With so many years in her judge’s seat with Len Goodman and Bruno Tonioli, she has no intention of leaving DWTS for now. She tends to be the only judge who keeps the boys in line.

In a statement, Angelica McDaniel, CBS executive vice president of daytime programs, gushed that “We appreciate her warmth, heart, and vulnerability” of their new host.

Old boyfriends, breakups, and bad reactions to antidepressants have all been topics that didn't scare Carrie Ann Inaba away from the table, and no one will ever run out of fodder for discussion with these diverse and determined ladies.