Bindi Irwin is not the typical twenty-something. Actually, the Animal Planet’s star is 20. But she did not happen upon fame. She was born into a family with a famous father, the late Steve Irwin who died in 2006 while filming a documentary. At the young age of 8, Bindi assured that she would carry on in her father’s profession advancing conservation and nature while caring for animals.

Family runs Australia Zoo

With reverence for the past and her family’s history of giving to the preservation of nature while simultaneously making it accessible, Bindi days start off with a great deal of responsibility.

Along with her mother, Terri, and younger brother, Robert, the trio provides daily care for approximately 1,200 animals that consider Australia Zoo their home, according to Yahoo! Lifestyle (Australia).

From morning until she “heads to bed” at 10:30 each night,” Bendi is on the go, the Daily Mail (Australia) reported. She strives to eat a “high-energy” breakfast. Her meal? Forget it if you might be thinking cereal, toast, pancakes, or bacon and eggs. Not even close.

Unusual go-to breakfast foods

The conservationist and naturist prefers a cup of tea along with brown rice. Add a vegetable bowl and Bindi’s all set to consume her first meal of the day, according to the Daily Mail. She eats her veggies before the gates at the zoo in Queensland “open to the public.”

The “perfect way” to begin her day, the Daily Mail also reported, is that Bindi savors tofu and kale.

Yes, that’s right. Not the type of breakfast most people have braved so early in the day. But, hey, it works for her. Look how much Bindi has achieved so far in her life. She is evidently doing things right – for her.

Bindi takes strides seriously

She kicked some serious competition’s booty during “Dancing With The Stars” in 2015.

She took home the famed mirror ball. Additionally, Bindi has achieved status in the Guinness World Book of Records for having 1.9 million followers on Instagram (the most of any TV conservationist/naturist), she works at the helm of a zoo, and, on top of it all, she stars on a new Animal Planet show. If tofu and kale is her thing, all the more power to her!

It’s working.

Queensland 'brand' ambassadors get major kudos from tourism council

There is no mistake about it: Running a zoo is serious business. Just ask the Queensland Tourism Industry Council. The Australia Zoo garnered the organization’s gold medal in November as “Queensland’s best major tourist attraction,” according to The Courier Mail (Australia).

Daniel Gschwind is the CEO of the tourism council. He stated that the zoo was a “worthy winner” of the top award, the Courier reported. While the zoo took home its award, Bindi has also been recognized as “Queensland Tourism’s young achiever of the year.”

Bindi, and her family, are held in esteem as outstanding “brand” ambassadors for Queensland, according to Gschwind.

He explained that tourists will often fly in, land, and their first question they ask is how to get to the Australia Zoo. Major bragging rights for the Irwins, yet they are more humble and will continue endeavoring to advance Steve Irwin’s legacy without boasting.

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