"Dancing with the Stars" Season 25 finale did not disappoint. From the opening number until the very end, there was something to behold. All of the dancers who had been eliminated during the season returned and danced on the ballroom floor one last time. This time was different for them because they were not judged and given a score. They went out there and had fun, including Barbara Corcoran who was the first to be eliminated.

Evening though the finale was aired two days before Thanksgiving, Christmas was the holiday that was celebrated through songs, dances, costumes, decorations, and shirtless Santas.

The final three

Usually, all votes are in before the finale. However, this year viewers were allowed to vote for their final three couples during the finale that included Frankie Muniz and Witney Carson, Lindsey Stirling and Mark Ballas, and Jordan Fisher and Lindsay Arnold.

The Mirrorball trophy could have gone to any one of the remaining couples. However, the predictions had been that Frankie would end up in third place, and he did. Even though Lindsey did exceptionally well, it was predicted she would end up in second place, and she did. The odds were on Jordan to win, and he did. Jordan was happy to have been the one to help his partner, Lindsay Arnold win her first trophy after being a pro for six seasons.

Before the winner was announced at the end of the episode, Lindsey performed with her violin and Jordan sang. Even though they were contestants as dancers, they showed viewers they had other talents.

The winners

Frankie and Witney received a perfect score for one of their dances two dances. Frankie was the most improved of the three finalists.

The former "Malcolm in the Middle" star showed a lot of confidence toward the end of the competition which helped him land a spot in the finals.

Lindsey and Mark were contenders to be winners, but they ended up in second place to some people's disappointment. Some on social media said they were robbed, but people have to realize that no matter how good someone is as a dancer, it all comes down to viewers' votes.

If a good dancer doesn't have a big fan base, that dancer will not will. Fans have seen it happen many times.

Jordan Fisher is one talented young man. The "Hamilton" actor and Lindsay Arnold left it all out on the ballroom floor. There was not a dance they couldn't do. Viewers noticed and voted for them. They received perfect scores for all four of their dances during the two-night finale as well as being at the top of the leaderboard throughout the season. Fans have credited Jordan with being the youngest male champion and the only "Disney" star to win the trophy.