Some people like "Dancing With The Stars" for the music, some people like it for the celebrities, most people like it for (not surprisingly) the dancing, but for some of us, it’s all about judge Bruno Tonioli and what the heck he is going to come out with next. So, for your reading pleasure, I present to you Bruno Tonioli’s three best (weirdest) moments from trio night.

Hugging Len Goodman

Apparently Bruno Tonioli enjoyed Drew and Emma’s performance enough that he felt he needed to give Len Goodman a bit of a cuddle. As he put it, he got carried away.

Maybe he really liked the dance or maybe Len is really quite cuddly. Either way, this is exactly the kind of excited weirdness that we love Bruno for.

Everything he said about Terrell’s rumba

He started off by saying that Terrell had two lovely cherries on his rumba cake (referring to Cheryl Burke and Kelly Monaco), and it didn’t get any less weird from there. He also suggested that Cheryl and Kelly were “buzzing around you (Terrell) like busy bees, and going for the honey." Tom pointed out that Bruno was digging quite the metaphorical hole for himself. For a lesser man, this might have been true, but for the legendary Bruno Tonioli, this was just another day at the office.

'Skittish, untamable wild cat, and you really made a meal out of it'

Bruno gave Lindsey Stirling this absolute pearl of wisdom and I honestly don’t know if that’s a compliment or a criticism. He said he liked their dance and gave them a score of 9 so I’m assuming this is a good thing, but it sure doesn’t sound like one. For one thing, a skittish, untamable wild cat sounds pretty all over the place.

Second of all, making a meal of something means either overcomplicating it or turning it into an actual meal. Overcomplicating a dance surely isn’t a good thing and I’ve never had a meal that was a particularly good dancer (although once I made a crumbed chicken sandwich with onion marmalade and aioli that could do the macarena).

In any event, we are going to need to break out our Burno Tonioli to English Dictionaries to decipher this one.

Bonus weirdness moment: Mark saying Kristi’s feet smell like Olympic gold

This one wasn’t Bruno, but it was such an odd moment I couldn’t let it pass without mentioning it. After their dance, Victoria and Kristi were making fun of Mark’s “I have an idea” face when Erin asked if there was anything else they made fun of him for. They said he smelled their shoes. Erin understandably asked why he did this, to which he replied that he wanted to “check how hard they were working." That’s already weird enough, but then Erin asked him what Kristi’s feet smell like and he gave the diplomatic (though still super weird) answer that they smelled like Olympic gold.

So that’s Bruno Tonioli’s (And also Mark's) best moments from "Dancing with the Stars" this week. What will he come out with next week? Nobody knows, but you can bet it will be amazing. I for one can’t wait.