Cheryl Burke of "Dancing With the Stars" recently told her fans that she was taking a break from social media. She didn't explain why, but it seemed like it was a very personal reason. Now, the star is going to her Instagram to explain and it turns out that her father has passed away. Cheryl went to her Instagram to share the news with fans about what happened and they have been very curious about what was going on with her lately while she was MIA.

Cheryl is dealing with the loss of her father

It turns out that Cheryl Burke's dad passed away on March 9, 2018, but she is just now telling the fans about what happened.

Originally Cheryl simply said that she was taking a break for personal reasons. The post said that you should always remember to tell the people you love how much you care about them. It was obvious at the time that she was dealing with heartbreak. So far, she hasn't shared any details about the loss of what happened to her father.

The fans keep responding to Cheryl Burke and telling her how sorry they are that she is dealing with this right now. She has a ton of support from her fans, which is great news. She is very loved and fans always make it obvious when she skips a season of the show "Dancing With The Stars." Everyone always wants her name to be announced as one of the pros that will be dancing.

Lucky for Cheryl Burke, she does have some great things going on in her life right now. She got back together with her ex Mathew Lawrence this year and the two seem like they are now the perfect pair. They are getting along great and nobody has any reason to think that things won't end up working out for them longterm. She is going through a hard time, but she does have him by her side, which has to make it a bit easier for her.

These two dated in the past, but it just wasn't the right timing and they made their way back together again finally.

Next season of "Dancing With the Stars"

Right now, there isn't a lot of information out about the new season of "Dancing With the Stars." They are supposed to be bringing in an entire season of just athletes, which fans are excited to see.

The thing is they aren't really sharing what stars will be back or who they will be dancing with yet. The rumors are just flying. The fans can't wait to see how it ends up turning out. The new season will be coming soon. Hopefully, the news will come out that Cheryl Burke will be back again and dancing so the fans can enjoy getting to see her on the dance floor.