5 unique festivals from different corners of the world

Rio de Janeiro- Carnival 2016. [Image courtesy – Terry George, Wikimedia Commons]
Rio de Janeiro- Carnival 2016. [Image courtesy – Terry George, Wikimedia Commons]

Festivals are an integral part of our lives and here are five unique ones from countries like Spain, Italy and India that embrace ther cultures.

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February-March: the Rio carnival

The Rio carnival is usually held in February or March. It is a fascinating display of parties, parades, and street dances. People come from all corners of the globe and descend on Rio de Janeiro. A rough estimate puts the number of visitors at the two million mark. The venue is Brazil's most exciting city and it is a spectacle worth writing home about.


June: Glastonbury festival

Glastonbury festival is a five-day festival of contemporary performing arts that takes place near Pilton, Somerset, England. It includes a wide variety of entertainment and is all about letting your hair down. It will not be held this year but tickets will be sold for 2019. It is an annual event held usually in the last weekend of June with attendance in hundreds of thousands. According to media sources, big names are expected to be present in 2019.

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