Emma Slater and Sasha Farber are getting married and the fans can't wait for their big day. Us Magazine shared the details about what is going on with them and the plans that they have made so far. He actually popped the question on an episode of "Dancing With The Stars" and the fans got to see it. Everyone loved watching the big proposal.

What details did Sasha and Emma share?

Emma explained that they have been engaged for a year and now they are really getting into the crunch time so they have to finish up all of the wedding plans. Emma went on to say, "When you arrange a wedding, you realize if you’ve got what it takes to survive marriage and we have and this is really fun for us, is creating this special day.”

Sasha teased that he has learned to say "yes." It sounds like Emma is doing most of the planning and he is just going with it, but that is the way that a lot of wedding planning ends up going.

You know that these two are working together to make sure that their wedding is really special.

What should you expect at the wedding?

It sounds like you should expect the unexpected. They really want the entertainment at their wedding to be the big part that everyone remembers when they go home. They want a ton of surprises at the wedding and for people to leave remembering those. Sasha Farber even teased that he would like to have surprises every 15-20 minutes if they can make it work out that way. It sounds like it is going to be a huge event.

Emma Slater went on to explain that she wants it to be like a big show. Of course, they will be having dancers coming out randomly. They are also planning a great first wedding dance.

You know when you go to a wedding that is full of professional dancers then you are going to see some of the best performances ever.

Emma isn't Jewish, but shared that Sasha has been teaching her about traditions and she really wants to get lifted up in the chair. The wedding will be in LA and they will have a lot of the "Dancing With the Stars" cast there along for the big day.

They do plan on having children too. It sounds like it won't be right away, but they will be having children before too long if it is up to them. This couple is a great one and the fans can't wait to see their wedding pictures and get all of the details.

Are you excited for Sasha and Emma's big day? What do you think of this couple? Sound off in the comments below, and don't miss new episodes of "Dancing With the Stars" when it returns in 2018 on ABC.