Just a month before Christmas, Amazon has announced that they are launching a new delivery option for Prime Members. The program is called Amazon Day and is in no relation to Amazon's popular Prime Day shopping. The new service allows Prime members to select any day of the week, to receive all the orders they place that week, that are scheduled to be delivered on their chosen day.

Engadget announced the new service and spoke to an Amazon official. The company's spokesman said that they are always looking for new ways to provide different services to customers and continually innovating.

Amazon Day is the latest delivery option from the company geared towards convenience. They have become a massive online marketplace. Nike has begun selling directly on Amazon.

New service turns the company's focus towards improving shipping

In 2017, the company rolled out its Key service, which allows drivers to deliver packages inside a car or person's home. CNET says that Prime members can still choose one-day, two-day and no-rush shipping options when available. Members are able to pick any day of the week, including weekends.

Amazon is offering the Amazon Day option for most of the products that are already covered by two-day shipping. This new service allows users to eliminate excess packaging.

The ability to choose when orders arrive could help ease people's fears of delivery theft.

Amazon has been testing out Amazon Day before launching it to members

According to The Verge, employees have been testing Amazon Day for the past few months. Right now only a small number of Prime members have been invited to the program.

Amazon will continue to invite more customers in the next few months. The company's finances could benefit from the decrease in multiple shipments. Amazon has previously said that they had higher fulfillment costs by almost $2 billion, part of that falls to the cost of packaging. If Amazon can find a way to decrease that amount while increasing the number of orders, it could grow its profit margins.

Amazon is also working at catching and keeping scammers away from shoppers.

The company continues to increase the cost of a Prime membership, and just recently raised it from $100 to $120, Amazon continues to grow their offerings to subscribers. Prime Members now have access to a variety of shipping options, same-day delivery service and plenty of offerings on Prime Instant Video. The new service will be extra helpful as the holidays approach.

This is the latest attempt at expanding the way customers receive their deliveries. Along with Amazon Key and in-car delivery programs, Amazon has offered drone delivery service via drones to a select few of UK customers. Prime members have the ability to add to their Amazon Day orders, up to two days before the arrival.