General Hospital" rumors tease that a mystery involving Dante is looming. The former police detective has been getting help from the WSB because of emotional issues that arose from his time in Turkey. Maxie is determined to reunite the Falconeri’s so she sought help from her father Celeb Dirty Laundry says a disaster will take place related to Lulu’s husband and Soap Dirt India cates that Dante will shoot himself. What is not known is whether or not Sonny’s son is dead or alive: if he dies that’s the end of the character but if he lives Dominic Zamprogna May have returned to the roll or there could be a recast.

'General Hospital' may finally give Dante closure

"General Hospital" may be about to finally bring closure to the sag of Lante. For months Lulu has been left in limbo and now she may be able to end this s chapter in her life. Rumors say a promo for the ABC daytime drama shows a man, who is allegedly Dante, shoot himself. This individual is, however, seen in silhouette and his face is not clear. This possibly suggests that the role of Lulu’s husband has been recast. Should Dante succumb, this would indicate that Dominic Zamprogna did not return for closure.

If "GH" kills off Dante this would finalize things for Lulu but would be a horrific ending. Rumors say Maxie has been pushing to find her best friend’s husband and perhaps she has taken things too far.

If the man in the shadows is indeed Sonny and Olivia’s son a question viewers might have is how did he obtain a firearm? Dante is supposed to be in reprogramming and should be watched carefully. The person who is shot could indeed be Dominic Zamprogna but the only way to know for certain is to watch and see.

Maxie may destroy Dante and Lulu

"General Hospital" will have to answer several important questions. The first is why would Frisco give his daughter the OK to talk to Dante. As head of the WSB agent Jones should know how risky it would be to interrupt Dante’s progress. If he is so fragile he would shoot himself why was he not being watched more closely?

None of this makes sense, especially the fact that mouth all mighty, chatty Maxie of all people is allowed access to someone being deprogrammed.

"General Hospital" writers must have a reason for the way they are handling the departure of Dominic Zamprogna. It’s almost as if they are holding out hope that the actor will return to the role. Rumors have offered nothing substantial regarding this situation so Lante fans can only watch and wait.