It’s the Christmas season, and Kacey Musgraves is still celebrating from her wins just weeks ago at the 2019 CMA Awards. The pensive, and incredibly honest, singer-songwriter took home Female Vocalist of the Year honors and her ballad, “Rainbow” took the top nod for the music video category. Kacey Musgraves has never shied away from her feelings, even when she's feeling terrible. She put out an alert on social media, “asking for a friend who is actually me” after too much imbibing on the big evening.

This morning, November 27, Kacey stopped by “Today” to talk with Hoda Kotb and Jenna Bush Hager about another big day this week.

Friday, November 29, marks the premiere of “The Kacey Musgraves Christmas Show” on Amazon, and in a loving way, the first-ever small-screen production is a big tribute to her roots.

The artist most-accustomed to putting her thoughts and feelings onto paper also had a perfect response to someone not-so gracious on Twitter.

Comedy and crooning

Musgraves started musing about creating a Christmas special about a year ago. She and her bandleader, Kyle, were discussing ways to visually and playfully capture the spirit of her 2016 Christmas album, “A Very Kacey Christmas,” evoking an old-school retro vibe.

Thinking back on the Christmas specials that she most enjoyed through her youth, comedy skits surfaced prominently.

Hoda Kotb gushed that “just that bit” in a preview moment of the opening duet with James Corden on “Let It Snow,” will hook viewers in for the full romp. Kacey had great fun “playing with a little bit of comedy” and keeping the music the centerpiece, rather than the introspective process of writing. A bevy of special guests comes along with Kacey Musgraves and Dan Levy acts as the narrator, who “keeps things a little salty.”

Kacey Musgraves hails from Golden, Texas, and recalls her holiday memories as “very low key, nothing fancy, but full of love” and filled with her Nana’s cheese dip.

Nana won't divulge the exact recipe of her luscious concoction, but her granddaughter declares that “some kind of crazy drug” must be a secret ingredient.

Nana is also a secret weapon on the Christmas special, swooping in to save Christmas. “It's really her Christmas special,” Musgraves teases. “I'm just in it.”

One of the added special gifts that Kacey Musgraves possesses is how to put a revered duet partner in the perfect spotlight and still provide perfect accompaniment, as she did with Willie Nelson on “Rainbow Connection” during their CMA Awards performance.

Kacey puts Dolly Parton in her place as an icon to be admired by younger female Country Music artists. She exemplifies how Parton “is an amazing businesswoman,” a “brilliant songwriter,” very funny and completely at ease in her own skin, and whatever hair she chooses. Kacey credits that Dolly was “all of those things” encompassed by beauty and brains “before it was okay” for women in country music.

Kacey Musgraves and Ruston Kelly have been married just two years, but in many ways, they have shared a lifetime together. Kacey reflects that “the whole album” represents that transformational time in her life.

Keeping it simple

Kacey Musgraves has a superlative way with words when it comes to music.

She has been singing and creating songs since she was eight. At 31, she is used to the often snarky sneak attacks on Twitter that stab and then vaporize in cyberspace.

In an incident reported by Entertainment Tonight on November 26, Musgraves took only two words and four letters to perfectly frame a response to such a reply. A Twitter user under the handle of “technical_ difficulty” dashed off that “I liked your music but your personality seems sh**ty.”

The Grammy-winning artist retorted with the affirmation: “It is” to cap the commentary.

This articulate artist would rather put her talents toward spreading Christmas joy and savoring memories and moments with loved ones than giving attention to trolls. Merry Christmas, Kacey, and don't forget the cheese dip.