It's confirmed that Julia Roberts is leaving the Amazon series "Homecoming," but will remain with the show. Julia Roberts' return to television was short-lived than expected. The Hollywood Reporter confirmed that Roberts will not be reprising her role as Heidi Bergman in season 2.

Roberts will instead become an executive producer for the show. When the show was first announced, Roberts' deal was for only one season. However, this news is still a punch in the gut for fans of season one. Now, the question becomes without Roberts in an acting role, will "Homecoming" still be worth watching?

Fans should stick around based on the rest of the cast involved in season 1. While Julia Roberts leaving is a big loss, it shouldn't destroy "Homecoming."

'Homecoming' remaining cast still on board

"Homecoming" show-runner Sam Esmail is still on board. His creative and visual work on "Mr. Robot" shows that he can continue to work wonders on "Homecoming." "Homecoming" success deserved the to be in the conversation of the best show of 2018.

For now, there are no signs that anyone else from the cast will depart the show. That includes Shea Whigham, Bobby Cannavale, Sissy Spacek, and Stephen James. They are all expected to return for season 2. They delivered strong performances during the debut season.

The show is based off a podcast that included a handful of actors including Catherine Keener, Oscar Isaac, and Amy Sedaris.

Short episodes draw fans to Homecoming

Fans are drawn to "Homecoming" because of the condensed episodes, which most streaming shows should be. Roberts will definitely be missed by fans. The debut season would not have worked without her talent and charm.

The show did wrap up Heidi's story and has broken away from the podcast's direction.

"Homecoming" is entering season 2 with low expectations because of Julia Roberts exit. Roberts was the show's main draw for viewers and the key to the story's success. "Homecoming" still has a lot going for it into season 2, but there's no denying the serious loss that Roberts exit brings.

The show is developed by Anonymous Content and Universal Cable Productions. Variety praised the show and Roberts first big TV role performance. Roberts has previously appeared on several shows including "The Normal Heart," "Law & Order," "Murphy Brown," "Friends," and "Miami Vice." Details of the upcoming second season are scarce, leaving many to wonder how the story will continue without Roberts' character.