The memoir “Becoming” penned by former First Lady Michelle Obama is labeled as “one of the hottest titles of the decade.” The Book by Penguin Random House has been on sale for more than two months and has been in the No. 1 position on Amazon's list of best-selling books. The list undergoes regular updating and full credit goes to Michelle for her masterpiece. She has written a book that does not want to move out from the topmost position it has held on to for 47 consecutive days.

CNN reports Michelle’s memoir has enjoyed the longest streak at No.

1 for any book ever since "Fifty Shades of Grey" released in 2012. It goes on to add that no memoir has enjoyed such popularity. The timing of her book was set to take advantage of the holiday season sales and it became No. 1 on Amazon even before the publication date.

Michelle’s memoir edges out the competition

Becoming” had the power to ward off all competition. It sold on Amazon across all formats for 47 consecutive days. Another book did take the top spot briefly on the 47th day but it was no match for Michelle Obama’s memoir. It even elbowed out Trump-related titles of 2018 including Pro-Trump books.

Penguin Random House has not provided any sales totals.

However, in its first week, the book had sold more than 1.4 million copies, as revealed by the company in November. The demand was unprecedented and the publisher had difficulties to cope with it. The book even went out of stock at some places during Christmas. Incidentally, the publishing house has made a deal with the former president Barack Obama for a similar memoir.

It had paid a reported $65 million for both the memoirs. Barack and Michelle Obama have also signed a production contract with Netflix and it is obvious that they have a lot to say.

Amazon began to keep track of the sales of its books in 1995 and, until now, there were only seven other titles that enjoyed longer streaks at the top of the list.

Four of those were of Harry Potter by JK Rowling.

Contents of the book have an appeal

According to Eonline, Michelle Obama’s birthday falls on Jan. 17. It was her 55th birthday and husband Barack sent a sweet message to her via the social media.

The icing on the cake was the news that readers around the world love her memoir “Becoming”. Before the release of the book, she had taken to the social media to reflect on her journey through life, bringing up children etcetera and those bits and pieces have made the memoir a bestseller. She had traveled to promote it and it has paid dividends.