A few months back on "The Young and the Restless" Victor was diagnosed with a potentially fatal disease. Some viewers began wondering if Eric Braeden was sick in real life, but the actor assured his concerned fans that both he and his alter ego, were doing well. He added that neither he nor the Newman patriarch were going anywhere, anytime soon. Even so, the rumor that Victor will die has resurfaced. Soap Dirt rumors indicate that Adam is going to push his father to the limit and cause him to collapse. The rumors pose the question of whether or not the black sheep of the family will cause his father's death.

This has some devotees concerned, once again.

Adam will not cause his father to die

Based on statements, in interviews on social media and in his book entitled "I'll Be Damned," Eric Braeden makes it clear that he believes that, if you retire you die. This should keep devotees from being concerned with each new rumor regarding the possible demise of his alter ego, Victor Newman. Braeden has proven himself to be an honest person who tells his fans the truth. If he were planning to leave "The Young and the Restless," he would probably be the first one to let the world of daytime drama know about it. Adam has been very selfish, lately, and his father has stated that he wishes he had never brought him back to Genoa City.

It would be quite natural for the baby boy's antics to affect his father who is dealing with a deadly disease and a risky treatment. Not long ago, Jack Abbott had to assist his nemesis when he almost passed out so, viewers know that Victor is not yet 100 percent. "The Young and the Restless" has increased the drama, where the Newman family is concerned, and even a younger, healthier man might buckle under such pressure.

Adam and Nick are fighting for custody of Christian, Phyllis recently threatened to destroy Victor's family, and most everyone in Genoa City has been negatively affected by the prodigal son's return. Even so this wild child will not cause his father's demise.

Victor will survive illness and his renegade son

Since returning to Genoa City, Adam has stolen Dark Horse from Nick, blackmailed Michael and Kevin, slept with Sharon and ended her relationship with Rey, and double-crossed Phyllis several times.

He has Chelsea frightened he will try to take Conner and he partnered with Phyllis again to take down the Newman family. It looks like he is taking control, on "The Young and the Restless," but looks can be deceiving.

Celeb Dirty Laundry says that Chelsea will plead with her former spouse, this week, to mend his way but he will not listen. There is no doubt that Nick's younger brother is a chip off the old block, but his father has age and wisdom on his side. Until Eric Braeden is ready to throw in the towel, where the "Y&R" is concerned, Victor will continue to reign in Genoa City, a fact his wayward son will find out, for himself, soon enough.