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Visceral’s ‘Star Wars’ may have a hero named Dodger, leak reveals

Details of the new ‘Star Wars’ game Visceral is cooking have surfaced online, and they’re calling it ‘Project Ragtag’
The “Star Wars” game being developed by the folks at Visceral Games and helmed by former Naughty Dog writer Amy Hennig was one of the titles that were sadly not shown off at E3. Little is known...
23 June 2017 -
A. Gift

‘Five Nights at Freddy’s: Survival Logbook’ Amazon listing: How legit is it?

There is an Amazon listing for a 'Survival Logbook,' but Scott Cawthon hasn't said anything about it yet.
Scott Cawthon, creator of the infamous “Five Nights at Freddy’s” games, has become quite the author over the past year. There’s also a movie based on the series, and while fans are wondering...
15 June 2017 -
A. Gift

'Dragon Ball Z Fighters': official trailer

We share with you all the news regarding this brand new video game which is now official
What began as a rumor three days ago has become official. The brand new “Dragon Ball Z: Fighters” video game has its first official trailer! In it, we can see an interesting plot, the battles that...
15 June 2017 -
D. B. S. ENG
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  • ‘Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth Hacker’s Memory’ welcomes new characters

    New details about the upcoming 'Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth Hacker’s Memory' game have been revealed
    It will take at least six months or so before anyone can grab a copy of “Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth Hacker’s Memory,” but already, Bandai Namco is hell-bent on making sure fans have more than...
    20 June 2017
    A. Gift
  • 'Mario', 'God of War', 'Scorpio': this is what awaits us at E3 2017

    E3, the video game show, will kick off on Tuesday in Los Angeles. Here's an overview of new projects that could unveil at the event.
    Good news for all the video game lovers: the E3 2017, the 23rd Electronic Entertainment Expo, is going to be held from June 13 to 15 at the Convention Center in Los Angeles. This year, for the first...
    12 June 2017
    T. Keerthi
  • 'Age of Empires' making a comeback

    The news regarding the classic computer game was made on Monday afternoon
    "Age of Empires" is getting a reboot. A new edition of the computer game, remastered from the original, will be coming to PCs soon. The game is being hailed as the "Definitive Edition" and will be...
    12 June 2017
    H. Walter-Warner
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  • Ansem voice actor hints ‘Kingdom Hearts III’ probably a no-show at E3

    ‘Kingdom Hearts III’ might have some sort of presence at E3 2017, but one of the game’s voice actors says we shouldn’t expect a release date reveal.
    It’s been so long since any significant “Kingdom Hearts III” news made the headlines. The last time was at E3 2015, so it’s just natural for fans to expect something big coming next week –...
    9 June 2017
    A. Gift
  • WWE rumors: 'WWE 2K 18' video game cover to feature Seth Rollins?

    When the newest installment of WWE's popular video game hits shelves, it could feature The Architect on the cover.
    While last night's WWE "Extreme Rules" 2017 Fatal 5-Way match didn't work out in his favor, it looks like "The Architect" Seth Rollins may have another major career milestone on the way. New WWE...
    5 June 2017
    M. Couden
  • ‘Steven Universe: Save the Light’ gets crazier with character fusion in tow

    Stevonnie, along with other character fusions, will become a thing, thanks to ‘Steven Universe’s’ first console role-playing game.
    In 2015, developer Grumpyface Studios released the well-received “Steven Universe: Attack the Light” for Android and iOs following the immense success of Cartoon Network’s “Steven Universe,”...
    1 June 2017
    A. Gift
  • ‘Pokémon Go’ still raking in huge revenue despite 90% drop in users

    The game is estimated to be raking in at least $99 per minute ($140,000 a day) despite its steady decline of active users.
    The number of active players on Niantic Lab’s highly popular augmented reality video game, “Pokémon Go,” has gradually been dropping since its release back in July last year. The drop has been...
    3 June 2017
    C. Lim
  • ‘Total War: Warhammer 2’ gets even bigger with a combined campaign option

    'Warhammer 2' will feature four new races and an entirely new map, which will double the size of the game.
    “Total War” has also been envisioned as a trilogy, a three-game cycle where each individual game will eventually combine into a single strategy sandbox. This is what makes “Warhammer 2”...
    5 June 2017
    A. Gift
  • Top 5 stalkers found in video games

    Due to their nefarious habits, stalkers have become the inspiration for several video game characters with borderline creepy dispositions.
    No one likes a #stalker. Period! These particular psychopaths take great pleasure in obsessing over select individuals. And they will do anything for that fix even if they have to chase their target...
    3 June 2017
    R. Fanus
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