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'Friday the 13th: The Game' reveals new features

Jason Voorhees is set to deliver authentic experiences to gamers everywhere.
“Friday the 13th: The Game” is on its way and I for one can’t wait. Developer Gun Media has released a new trailer of gameplay for the game and it’s just as gritty as previous games. Hack and...
17 January 2017 -

Has the release of 'Red Dead Redemption 2' been confirmed?

Is it far too early to get excited about 'Red Dead Redemption 2'? Probably not.
The old west is one of my personal favorite time periods, and has been since I was a kid. As a gamer, there have not been many titles I found to depict my own view points of the old west -- with the...
16 January 2017 -

'Injustice 2' has just revealed its story

The story trailer for 'Injustice 2' has hit and we couldn't be happier.
The reveal of “Injustice 2“ was unexpected and equally exciting among fans. With the recent story trailer we now know loads more info and have every reason in the world to get stupid excited for...
17 January 2017 -
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  • 'Super Mario Odyssey' has been revealed

    Will the launch of 'Super Mario Odyssey' come too late to help the 'Nintendo Switch?'
    Nintendo gave us all the information we had been wanting concerning the “Nintendo Switch” last week. However, the news has noticeably divided their fanbase. Many are furious over the lackluster...
    16 January 2017
  • 'Final Fantasy XV' the Sword of the Tall: information and proper usage

    Statistics and analysis on one of the games' very popular royal arms weapons.
    Most powerful royal arms weapon The Sword of the Tall is a royal arms weapon in "Final Fantasy XV." You can find it after defeating the somewhat difficult boss of the Costlemark Tower. Make sure to go...
    5 January 2017
    A. Turelli
  • Barret Wallace of 'Final Fantasy VII.'

    A quick look at one of the first popular African-American video game characters.
    The techno freak, Barret: Barret was called a techno freak in "Final Fantasy VII" by one of his known acquaintances, as he finally returned to his ruined mining town. North Corel had been destroyed by...
    15 January 2017
    A. Turelli
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  • Script for the 'Uncharted' movie complete

    The script for the upcoming 'Uncharted movie is now officially complete.
    The script for the upcoming "Uncharted" movie is fully complete. The announcement was made by the writer attached to the project, Joe Carnahan via an Instagram post on Sunday. The movie is based on...
    8 January 2017
    R. Duflo
  • Summons of 'Final Fantasy VI' carbuncle and ruby light

    Codebreak will talk about one of the games that made summons a staple in the 'Final Fantasy' series.
    Summons of the franchise's sixth game: Some people would argue that "Final Fantasy VII" had the best summons in the series. They may even say that this was the game that made them glorious. I would be...
    11 January 2017
    A. Turelli
  • The price of the 'Nintendo Switch' has been revealed

    Nintendo is ready to take back the crown of video games, will this do it?
    The rumors continue to swirl and capitalize on our desire to know all their is about the upcoming “Nintendo Switch." Fans just can't seem to wait for any droplet of information concerning Nintendo's...
    11 January 2017
  • 'Horizon Zero Dawn's' cinematic trailer shows why we need this game

    This fiery redhead looks to shake things up for PlayStation fans this February.
    When “Horizon Zero Dawn” was first announced, I remember saying to myself “Wow, this game looks great” (although admittedly with a plethora of expletives to rival a Tarantino film). Simply...
    11 January 2017
  • Nintendo confirms and denies recent rumors.

    Nintendo has revealed all the information we need regarding the ‘Nintendo Switch’
    It seems that only some of the rumors we had swirling this week were true. Nintendo thankfully, broke down what was true and what was not during their press conference last night. Did Nintendo give us...
    13 January 2017
  • Kirin summon of 'Final Fantasy,' plus cait sith and siren analysis!

    An in-depth look at three more awesome summons of the amazing game 'FFVI.'
    Holy aura of Kirin: Kirin is one of the first summons or espers you will acquire in the main story of "FFVI." The player will acquire Kirin, along with Ramuh and a few others listed below in this...
    11 January 2017
    A. Turelli
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