2020 is shaping up to be a big year for the blue blur. It's one year away from his 30th anniversary and his first feature-length film is coming to cinemas this February. Now, Sega has just announced the Sonic 2020 project, Pushsquare reported.

On the 20th of every month, Sega will unveil news about "Sonic the Hedgehog." This month, Paramount and the official Twitter account released an exclusive clip from the character's upcoming film.

Genesis does

Sonic's first video game appearance was in the 1991 Arcade racing game "Rad Mobile." He appeared as a decorative item in the car that the player controlled.

This cameo was meant to raise awareness of the Genesis title, "Sonic the Hedgehog," released five months later. The game was conceived and directed by Yuji Naka while the character was designed by Naoto Ohshima.

Before settling on a hedgehog, the team experimented with many different possible characters such as a rabbit who could pick up objects with his ears and a round, Teddy-Roosevelt-looking man in pajamas. The rabbit character would later form the basis of a different game called "Ristar" while the egg-shaped man would be retooled as the main villain, Dr. Eggman (renamed Dr. Robotnik in Western territories.)

While the first titles on the Genesis were released to rave reviews, later titles would be more mixed.

2017's "Sonic Mania," for PlayStation4 and XBoxOne received the most positive reviews for the series in 15 years.

Blue blur on the big screen

Paramount's film adaption of "Sonic the Hedgehog" was produced by "Deadpool" and "Terminator Dark Fate" director Tim Miller and penned by "Golan the Insatiable" writers Patrick Casey and Josh Miller.

It is the feature-length directorial debut of Jeff Fowler, who had previously directed the Academy Award-nominated short "Gopher Broke." Ben Schwartz of "Parks and Recreation" fame provides the voice of the titular hedgehog while Jim Carrey portrays his mad scientist Robotnik.

The film's debut trailer was poorly received by fans and general audiences alike.

Much of the criticism was directed at Sonic's design, which was much more human-like than his cartoony look from the games. The design even caught the attention of Late night talk show host Stephen Colbert, who compared his teeth to American attorney Rudy Giuliani.

Baby Sonic

Shortly after the backlash, "Sonic Mania" artist Tyson Hesse was brought on board to redesign the character resulting in a delay of the film's release from November 2019 to February of the following year. A second trailer with the redesigned Sonic was revealed in the film's original intended release month to a considerably warmer reception. Recently, Paramount and the official Sonic Twitter account showed an exclusive clip of Baby Sonic in his upcoming film.