As promised, Microsoft hosted another Livestream called Xbox Games Showcase to reveal more upcoming titles for their impending Xbox Series X console. Admittingly, the last one didn't overwhelm as it should and made many people worry about the future of Xbox.

But the latest showcase definitely redeemed the company with an assortment of titles from nine of Microsoft's game studios to surprise everyone. Also, all titles on display will be available on Xbox Game Pass. Prepare to be overwhelmed by this recap of the Xbox Games Showcase.

Watch full Livestream here

The roundup

  • 'Halo Infinite' - 343 Studios finally revealed gameplay of the single-player campaign, captured completely in-game. This time around, the developer is going back to basics but has also added new weapons and equipment like a wrist-mounted grappling hook. 'Halo Infinite' is a launch title for Xbox Series X and is also getting Smart Delivery for Xbox One players.

  • 'State of Decay 3' - The third game will offer players the option of hunting in the wild to survive this time around--and crossbows are included. This time around, however, 'State of Decay 3' players will not only living carnivores but those of the undead variety as well. Even herbivores like deer pose a threat once they turn into the living dead. Unfortunately, everything was shown in a cinematic trailer and there was no word on a release date.

  • 'Everwild' - Rare gives gamers another look at its upcoming adventure title 'Everwild. ' Although what was shown was just a cinematic, it reveals a beautifully rich, green world filled with an assortment of strange creatures and a handful of mystical guardians that work alongside them--traveling, foraging, and building together in an emotional journey. No word on a release date.

  • 'Forza Motorsport' - The latest entry in the racing game franchise was already shown at the last Livestream. However, 'Forza Motorsport,' as it simply called now reaffirms itself as the franchise's most impressive looking racing game to date thanks to uncompromised 4K/60FPS quality and the addition of ray tracing. The title will become available for both Xbox and PC gamers.

  • 'Ori and the Will of the Wisps' - Although it has already been released on the Xbox One, the stunningly beautiful side scroller hadn't received the 4K resolution treatment it deserved back then. Fortunately, Moon Studios has decided to update the title for the graphical monster the Xbox Series X using its patented Smart Delivery system. The enhanced version is coming later this year.

  • 'Tell Me Why' - This one's a new episodic story-driven adventure from Dontnod Entertainment that seems to carry the same beats as some popular titles from studio Telltale Games. It focuses on a sibling duo reuniting after being separated when they were small kids to unravel the secrets of their past in a small town. The first episode will become available on August 27.

  • 'The Outer Worlds: Peril on Gorgon' - Obsidian is proud to unveil the first-ever expansion for its highly popular RPG. This new adventure task player with solving the biggest mystery in the galaxy situated on a colonized asteroid. Gameplay revealed new NPCs, quests, enemies, and weapons. The expansion is dropping on September 9 across all of the Xbox platforms.

  • 'Grounded' - Keeping the Obsidian train rolling, 'Grounded' was shown again with more gameplay featuring combat between shrunken children and the bugs along with the use of torches for lighting, and building of miniature shelter from leaves, twigs, and other foraged resources. Players can work together on go at it alone. This one is coming to on July 28 to Xbox Preview and Steam early access.

  • 'Avowed' - Last but not least from Obsidian is a new first-person RPG set in a fantasy world of Eora. Players will face monsters with a combination of weapons and magic.

  • 'As Dusk Falls' - By far the most unique looking game on the list. Developed by Interior/Night, 'As Dusk Falls' as an interactive graphic novel the focuses on two families and their dramatic everyday lives spanning across 30 years.

  • 'Psychonauts 2' - Next up was the reveal of the highly anticipated 'Psychonauts 2' from Double Fine Studios. We were treated to a psychedelic gameplay trailer/music video performed by Jack Black showing the hero Raz platforming his way through a dreamscape and battling all manner of foes. This head trip is coming to all Xbox platforms with Smart Delivery included.

  • 'Destiny 2: Beyond Light' - Bungie's 'Destiny 2' and all of its expansions are coming to Xbox Series X, Xbox Game Pass, and mobile via the xCloud this September complete with Smart Delivery enhancements. Included was the gameplay reveal of a new expansion called 'Beyond Light' that's also coming to Xbox Game Pass later on November 10.

  • 'S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2' - After years of patiently waiting, a new 'S.T.A.L.K.E.R.' was revealed to be in the works exclusively for Xbox Series X. Judging by the trailer, players can expect to stomp through desolated Chernoblyic ruins overrun with monsters and factions vying for control like in the old days.

  • 'Warhammer 40,000: Darktide' - From the developers of 'Vermitide' comes a similar take in the 'Warhammer 40,000' universe. Like that game, this one's a co-op action game but with guns and man-made monsters set in the bowels of the city called Tertium. It's targeting a release in 2021 as an Xbox Series X/PC exclusive.

  • 'Tetris Effect: Connected' - Tetris returns later this Holiday with a new expansion that adds multiplayer to the super popular 'Tetris Effect.' That's not all it seems as all versions of the game (|PS4, Oculus, and Epic Store) will eventually receive the expansion free sometime in 2021.

  • 'The Gunk' - A new game third-person adventure game from SteamWorld Dig developer Image & Form was shown. Titled 'The Gunk,' the game task the player with saving a world overrun with a strange black substance by vacuuming it up. Stange machines and monstrosities are afoot in this one as well. It's launching on all Xbox platforms in 2021.

  • 'The Medium' - Developer Blooper finally gave the masses a more detailed look at their upcoming psychological horror game, 'The Medium' for the Xbox Series X and PC. What was shown off was the title's patented Dual Reality system that can render two different worlds, the real world, and the spirit world simultaneously. No word on the release date, however.

  • 'New Genesis: Phantasy Star Online 2' - SEGA celebrates its 20 anniversary of PSO with the reveal of 'New Genesis: Phantasy Star Online 2.' This open-world RPG will bring with it a whole new world full of colossal monsters to all Xbox platforms in 2021.

  • 'CrossfireX' - Remedy's upcoming futuristic FPS promises to deliver a highly engaging single-player campaign later this year. The trailer featured a mix of stunning cutscenes and actual combat. However, a little disclaimer revealed that while the multiplayer remains free with Xbox Live Gold memberships, it's single-player will be sold separately and isn't part of Xbox Game Pass.

  • 'Fable' - It's only fitting that the biggest surprise of the Livestream would be the one to close the show. A new 'Fable' is in the works, titled simply that. Unfortunately, all we got was a cinematic trailer featuring a fairy and a frog. No release date was announced either. Still, it's great that a major player is returning to the fold.