A new “Fortnite” drama just blew up during the FNCS Finals and this is between the pro-players Clix (Cody Conrod) and UnknownArmy (Dominick Green). Another pro also got involved in the situation as he was called the R-word by the latter.

‘Fortnite’ drama

The beef between the two “Fortnite” pros sparked during game five of the FNCS grand finals day 1. Clix performed an impressive headshot snipe which lead to the elimination of UnknownArmy. What made the latter snap, however, was when the former danced on him after the snipe.

Right after the emote from Clix, Unknown can be heard saying, “you’re dancing on me.

I’m landing on him next game.” He can also be seen reviewing the replay of the match to study as to where Clix’s loot path is. As soon as he finds out where the pro lands - which is in Pleasant Park, he (Unknown) did what he just said and chased down Clix. At this point he just threw his own game off the window for the sole purpose of eliminating the other “Fortnite” pro.

For several minutes, Unknown ran after a “Fortnite” player on the said location to Sweaty Sands, though he got eliminated still. Clix was well-aware of Unknown’s plan, however, and avoided him throughout the match. Turns out, it was not Clix that he hunted down, but another pro-player named Ajerss. Unknown even confirmed it on his stream saying, “it wasn’t even Clix” and added, “so I just did all that work for no reason.” He was also heard making a promise that he’ll be landing on him (Clix) the next day.

Clix was also upset

Clix, on the other hand, tweeted a couple of times during game six. He stated that Unknown was the “weirdest kid landing on him Pleasant” adding that such action was childish. In his other tweet, he revealed that he was just “chillin’ in a bush with a grey pistol” and Unknown’s controller can’t lock on him.

Back to Unknown, he was confronted by fellow “Fortnite” pro Yung Calculator after he got eliminated. In response, Unknown made some bold accusations towards YungCalc as he started shouting at him (Calc) saying the r-word.

Clix went live after Unknown ended his stream and addressed what just happened between them. It was evident that he too was very upset with the incident saying that it’s a million-dollar tournament with a $100K waiting for the first-placer.

Further, he also said that he’s on top-15 going into the last game adding that just because he sniped and danced on him (Unknown), he’s teaching his 30K viewers that it’s fine to cheat.

Massive Mixer streamer and “Fortnite” pro Ninja (Tyler Blevins) tweeted a short clip of him and threw in his two cents about griefing in the game. He advised players not to do it in tourneys as chances of them qualifying is zero.

The ‘Fortnite’ pro‘s apology

Unknown already made a TwitLonger post also addressing what happened and apologized for his actions.

He said that after talking to his friends, family, and his org, he realized what he did was wrong and added that “Fortnite” has given him a lot of opportunities and the last thing he wants to do is harm the integrity of the game’s competitive scene. He ended it stating that he won’t be streaming the remainder of the event as he will focus on himself and his own game in the future.