Call of Duty: Warzone’s” poisoned gas will without a doubt lessen someone’s chances of winning a match once they’re caught inside of it. There are players, however, who have found a way to slow down its effects using a self-revive kit.

Surviving the ‘Warzone’ gas

U/Unknow_Gamer posted a short clip over on r/CODWarzone showing how this trick is done. The player got knocked while inside the gas and immediately used his self-reviving kit. He just kept on using it until he snagged that sweet Warzone Victory. It can also be observed that enemy players kept on searching for him as time runs out while he’s lying on the ground poking himself with those self-revives.

This technique slowed down the poison damage that led to the player winning the match in “Warzone.” It’s a very helpful trick provided that you got several self-revive kits on hand.

A bug or just too OP

The OP’s post gained quite the attention among fellow “Warzone” players as quite a number of them expressed their dislike with this new technique. There are even some who deemed it as too overpowered while others labeled it as a bug.

Infinity Ward, on the other hand, has yet to address if the self-revive kits in “Warzone” work as intended or it’s indeed a bug. If proven to be the latter, however, the developer needs to issue a fix on this one. In the meantime, players who haven’t tried this trick yet might want to give it a shot.

Seeing what’s inside...and winning

A rather interesting glitch has been stumbled upon by another Reddit user within “Warzone” where it allowed him to see what’s inside the plane. U/english_j12 posted a video on the same subreddit where it featured the glitch.

According to him, his game “glitched out bigtime” as it showed the C-130's interior including the other players that pop out of nowhere before jumping off.

Sure, the glitch is appealing to some and all, but there’s a downside to this. Players in “Warzone” who encountered the bug were not able to jump off the plane unless it already passed the map.

When it does, players will be falling into infinity which is pretty annoying...until you win the match. This was even featured by the YouTuber known as Daly Gasri on a recent upload where the glitch is replicated.

Infinity Ward addressing the issues

According to Dexerto, Infinity Ward is aware of the issue and an open ticket over on their Trello board has been created for this (still labeled as “In Progress” as of writing). The same thing goes for the growing number of voice chat issues in “Warzone.” There was no definite time given as to when these issues in the game will be resolved, but it is rest assured that the devs are now working on a fix.