The PS5 official trailer is what many PlayStation fans are waiting for. Sony has kept the design a secret and will reveal the design of the PS5 later. Although the PlayStation controller has been shown to the public it had a white and black color with blue lighting. it looked very similar to an Xbox controller, the reason could be that the Xbox controller design is more comfortable to hold.

Could Sony not showing us the PS5 be a marketing strategy?

Sony is taking so long to show us the PS5 trailer, Microsoft revealed the Xbox Series X trailer five months ago.

It might be Sony's marketing strategy, a lot of people are searching the keyword "PS5 news," but the amount of search for the "Xbox Series X news" is low compared to the PS5, According to Google trends.

The PS5 exclusive could also help the PS5 get more sale being that Sony has "God Of War," "Uncharted," "Last Of Us," "Horizons Dawn," "Spider-Man" and more, these are the games that made a lot of people purchase the PS4 also the fact Xbox One was more expensive and the PS4 had better performance.

Speaking to Forbes, Sony CFO Hiroki Totoko answered a question about the promotion of the PS5 promotion being behind the Xbox.

Forbes asked, "Some say PS5 promotion is falling behind Xbox. Would you give a passing score to what the PS team has done?"

He answered, saying, "We consider things strategically, but [we are] doing our best.

As for pass or fail, I would wait for PS5 sales to make that judgment."

Sony is behind when it comes to what they've revealed to the public about the PS5. Microsoft has revealed the trailer for the Xbox Series X and also gave the Xbox series X to famous YouTuber Austin to talk more about the upcoming Xbox series X.

We have seen inside Xbox Series X, the gameplay, the controller, the loading screen.

But why is Sony waiting to reveal the PS5? Could Sony surprise us by putting RGB light on the PS5?

PS5 Vs Xbox Series x performance

Although the Xbox Series X has more teraflops than the PS4, most people think the PS5 will perform better because of the SSD speed 5.5GB per second.

The Xbox Series X speed is 2.4 GB per second.

What the PS5 design could look like

Judging by the color of the controllers that Sony revealed, the PlayStation final design might be a white and black design, since the console will have to match the Controller design. Although most people think that PS5 final design will turn out to be similar to Xbox Series X design since the console might produce a lot of heat and will need a very good fan cooling system from stopping the console from overheating and damaging.

How much the PlayStation five be priced at?

Sony has not told us the price of the PS5, but expect the PS5 to range from $499 to $699.

Can I pre-order the PlayStation five?

No, since Sony has not revealed the price of the PS5, pre-order is not available right no. But you might want to stay tuned.