Sony and Microsoft are preparing for another race for the title of the most superior gaming console in the world. The gaming world is eagerly waiting for the next generation of consoles to come out, and recently, the two technology giants have presented their products to the public. Microsoft's console will come out under the name Xbox Series X, which may be a bit confusing, while Sony will follow its usual nomenclature and release the new system under the name PlayStation 5.

Unfortunately, console gamers may be forced to wait more time until the new generation of consoles comes out.

The world has much bigger problems right now as it's dealing with coronavirus, and this is something that is going to slow down the development of the new systems. According to the latest report, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X will most likely be delayed for 2021, to the disappointment of many gamers around the world.

The delay is expected

Social distancing and quarantining will, unfortunately, affected the majority of the world, and that includes video game companies and console manufacturers. According to a new report from DFC Intelligence, the threat of the coronavirus, which has now been officially declared as a pandemic by the World Health Organisation, could greatly affect the release of PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X.

There is a strong likelihood that one or both systems won't be launched in 2020, which is something gamers should be prepared for.

If, however, the gaming systems do launch at the end of 2020, the supply of games will most likely be limited, and the price of consoles might be higher than expected. The entire economy is uncertain, and no one knows what will happen in a month, let alone at the end of the year, which makes it hard to predict the release date correctly.

On a positive side, the report states that the delay could benefit Sony and Microsoft as the demand for the next-generation consoles will probably be very high and would most likely exceed the supply. While no one can give us a specific release date of PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, gamers should not expect a late 2020 release.

The specifications

After Sony has revealed PlayStation 5 specifications during the March 18 live stream, we can now compare it to Xbox Series X. According to raw specifications, Microsoft's next-generation gaming console has a slight advantage with a 3.8 GHz CPU and a 12 teraflops GPU. On the other side, PlayStation 5 has much faster storage, which will help it load games faster and hopefully eliminate loading screens.

It will be interesting to see how video game developers will use the new hardware to their advantage. The race for the king of the next-generation console may be a close one, and Microsoft could end up winning it.