Alleged “CoD” leaks have been making the rounds yet again, and this time it’s on the franchise’s upcoming title believed to be dubbed “Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War.” There’s even a player claiming to have seen 45-minute gameplay of it though the entirety of it was never posted online.

Activision taking action

Snippets from the above-mentioned lengthy footage have been uploaded online by multiple leakers, though, according to Charlie Intel, most of it was swiftly taken down by Activision. As of writing, the post from Twitter user Mark Walshburg (@walshburg) is still up, showing over a minute of leaked “CoD: Black Ops Cold War” footage, but it is expected to be taken down too.

Just in case it gets taken down, here are screenshots from another user.

Pre-alpha phase

Keep in mind that the leaked “Call of Duty” gameplay footage is still on its pre-alpha state, and the textures of the surroundings and objects are still in the rough. Also, the bright colors that can be spotted all throughout the clip are used by developers to distinguish the different objects in that area (map was named “Tanks”) during testing.

Oog saw it first

Twitter user OogtheLegend – the pro-player who claims to have first seen “Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War” video - stated (via Modern Warzone) that he is awaiting confirmation as to whether there is a sliding/advanced movement mechanics in the game’s pre-alpha state.

In line with this, the clip has featured several of the upcoming title’s movements (running and mantling). Walshburg, on the other hand, claims that the sliding mechanic has not been added yet into the current build, adding that it only does a crouched position whenever the crouch button is held.

There were also reports noting that there’s not even a Dead Silence perk on the “CoD” title’s pre-alpha state.

“Call of Duty” players need not fret since the said feature might be included later in the development as the game won’t arrive in four to five months.

Some from the “Call of Duty” community who saw the clip noticed that the weapon handling looks similar to “Modern Warfare.” That said, it is probable that the weapons (including the map’s name) shown in the video are just placeholder resources, according to Dexerto.

This enables the developers to test on interactions, animations, and other elements of the upcoming game while using models that have low requirements.

Activision has yet to make a statement regarding the recent “Call of Duty” leaks, albeit the fact that they’ve been rolling out DMCA warnings and copyright strikes to the leakers over on social media. Blasting News will be rolling out updates on this as soon as new information arises.