The April 28 patch for “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare” and “Warzone” has been rolled out where it brought in some new content for the game alongside a heap of bug fixes and quality of life improvements. It may well seem to also hint at upcoming playable areas if the recent leaks are anything to go by.

‘Warzone’ bunkers to be unlocked soon

Reddit user “u/DougDagnabbit” stumbled upon such intel where he posted a short clip showing how the bunker door opens in “Warzone.” The player base is well-aware that these locations on the map are as of late shrouded in mystery, but if the leaks do fit in the bag, folks will finally get to snoop around as to what’s inside them.

The Twitter page of the ModernWarzone subreddit, on the other hand, posted a couple more screenshots related to these bunkers suggesting that there will be two bunker door opening animations alongside a couple of sound files labeled “br_bunker_door_open_01 and 02.” The other image shows that three levels of access keycards were also added into the game files hinting at some future events as well.

The red access cards

In line with this, “Warzone” players have been stumbling upon these so-called “red access cards” in the game and they are trying to crack the mystery behind it.

Prior to this, the community also came across more Easter eggs in the game in the form of faulty phones and tightly locked bunkers. There are players who attempted to open these massive doors in the game but to no avail.

High-end loot

According to Dexerto, a plausible theory is that these access cards might provide access to these massive bunkers in “Warzone,” since they come alongside a passcode.

The website also pointed out a previous video from the YouTuber S0ur where he investigated these bunkers and claimed that these locations on the map contain a loot bar of 120 percent. This means that once players gain access to these, they can expect some high-tier loot.

For the uninitiated, the red access cards got an intriguing medical logo if found in-game.

That said, some “Warzone” players assumed that the item could be related to the computer found at the hospital, but that too was a dead-end (maybe for now). The same thing goes for the buy station.

Back on Reddit, there are others who also discovered red access cards in different locations in “Warzone.” “U/deemoeterentino” claims to have found one in between the dam and the military base. The player added that it’s “in the back upper center left corner” and it’s a “couple house and buy station under a hill when heading to the mili.” Another Reddit user – “u/MrTheRevertz-” spotted an access card within the Downtown Tavorsk District. He even provided a screenshot of the item’s exact location. Let’s just hope that these Easter eggs in “Warzone” live up to the hype when the time comes.