New “Call of Duty: Warzone” leaks have been making rounds as of late, and this time, it hints at how the battle royale shooter’s current season would come to an end. If the spilled intel is anything to go by, it may well seem that its player base will be treated to an explosive undead finale.

Plague zones

Alleged leaked audio about the above-mentioned was brought to light by “Call of Duty” dataminer known as Zesty (@ZestCODLeaks). Its entirety was uploaded over on Dailymotion “to avoid DMCA,” according to the leaker.

Per the leaked audio's voice lines, the speaker can be heard saying that Verdansk has been overrun by zombies and is asking to take it back.

Other voice lines include:

  • “Stay alert. You’re getting close to a plague zone.”
  • “Verdansk is overrun! Take it back!”
  • “This is your last chance soldier, make it count!”
  • “Last chance to cleanse Verdansk soldier.”
  • “We can’t lose Verdansk; fight those damn Zombies!”
  • “Don’t turn into a Zombie! For Verdansk!”
  • “This is the final hour. Avoid the infected.”

The first on the list mentioned a so-called “plague zone,” which Charlie Intel believed as areas within Verdansk where “Warzone” players could be tasked to clear out.

There were also leaked audio files, which suggests that players can also have the chance to get out (exfil) from the map. In with it, this can also be heard from the audio files: “Extraction canceled, nuke inbound for Verdansk.” This could mean that “Warzone” players who fail to arrive at the extraction point within the given time will be meeting the same fate as the entire map.

‘Warzone’ map getting nuked

That said, this pretty much confirms that the previous speculation of the “Warzone” community that the BR shooter’s current map will be sent off in a fiery fashion to make way for a new one (The Ural Mountains, according to theories). This was further fueled when the Season 2 update went live as missile silos appeared within the map.

This newly leaked information is, without a doubt, plausible. “Warzone” folks, however, have to chew on this with pinches of salt.

Agency’s back in business

Meanwhile, game developer Raven Software just rolled out an update that ushered in some bug fixes and tweaks within the game.

One is intended for the Agency Suppressor as they returned the item’s “former glory” in the recent “Warzone” hotfix.

Players are very much acquainted that the Agency Suppressor got nerfed accidentally (per Charlie Intel) within the “Warzone” Season 2 update. Raven responded to this, assuring that it will be brought back to its original state.

The developer’s recent update also brought in these:

  • Small updates to various UI elements such as icons, store bundles, player level up, among others.
  • Fourth Operator Mission for Baker to eliminate 15 enemies using a weapon with an attached 2x magnified scope or greater now tracks correctly.

Now that everything’s back to normal with the widely used suppressor in “Warzone,” let’s hope that players won’t be noticing some stealth changes with this recent update.