Skunkape Games has just released gameplay footage, and commentary for their remaster to "Sam and Max: Beyond Time and Space." Developed by former members of Telltale Games, this is the second remaster starring the eponymous dog and rabbit duo. The footage primarily focuses on the first episode of the season: "Ice Station Santa." In this section, the freelance police discover that a rampaging robot has been sent from Santa Claus to bump them off. They then travel to the North Pole to discover the motive behind St. Nick's deadly delivery.

Who are Sam and Max?

For the uninitiated, "Sam & Max" is an underground comic franchise starring a Borgart-esque Dog named Sam and his sociopathic rabbit partner Max. Calling themselves "the freelance police," the two take on bizarre cases given by an unseen Commissioner. This premise has spawned a comic series, a short-lived cartoon, and multiple video games. In fact, the pair is probably more famous in the gaming scene than the medium in which they originated.

"Sam & Max" was the first big success for Telltale Games. After the 2004 cancelation of "Sam & Max Freelance Police," LucasArts laid off several prominent members who would form other studios to make the games their old home no longer deemed profitable.

The new studio managed to get the rights to the "Sam & Max" property from creator Steve Purcell to make a graphic adventure game similar to their other titles at LucasArts, such as Grim Fandango.

What is Skunkape Games?

Their follow-up, "Beyond Time & Space," reused the same assets and gameplay from "Sam & Max Save the World" but made some significant improvements.

It was the first Telltale game to feature support for widescreen monitors, featured a more robust hint system, and placed the characters in weirder and more outlandish situations. In this adventure, the freelance police take on a demonically possessed Santa Claus, time-traveling Mariachi players, and even the devil himself.

Years later, Telltale Games went into bankruptcy, and the team split into different studios.

Former Telltale members created Skunkape games, and their niche seems to be remaking their pre- "Walking Dead" titles. Like the "Save the World" remaster, the one for "Beyond Time & Space" features brand new models, improved animation, 4K resolution, and addresses other issues found in the original title. Along with the upgraded visuals, longtime Telltale composer Jared Emerson-Johnson will reprise his role to bring some new tracks to the game.

Like the remaster for "Save the World," Skunkape offers a 50% discount to anyone who has a digital copy of the original title. "Sam & Max Beyond Time & Space Remastered" is slated for a December 2021 release on PC, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One.