A recent leak suggests that Infinity Ward could be rolling out more game modes in “Call of Duty’s” battle royale mode - “Warzone.” If this leak is anything to go by, 13 of these game modes were discovered within the game files and some of them already have descriptions on how they will be played.

‘Warzone’ game modes

The datamined intel was posted a few days ago over on r/ModernWarzone by u/DougDagnabbit as the OP claims that these modes were already on the playlists:

  • “Classic BR” – Per the leaker, there will be no loadouts, cash, contracts, Gulags, and even respawns on this one.
  • “Mo Gulag Mo Problems” - Eliminated players will be sent straight to the Gulag until the final three circles and there will be no buybacks.
  • “BYOL” (Bring your own loadout) - Players will be starting the match with their loadout (similar to Plunder).
  • “Non-Stop” - the gas will always be closing throughout the match.
  • “PewPew” - a game mode that will equip players with high-damage pistols alongside some “explosive physics.”
  • “Run Like Hell” - Circle will be closing in faster than a running player.
  • “Bottom Line” - The Gulag will be disabled on this game mode, though eliminated players will be brought back into the fight provided that have enough cash on them.
  • “Realism” - it was only described as a game mode with “minimal HUD.”

Making a guess

As for the rest of the leaked game modes, the “Warzone” community will just have to speculate for the meantime and run their imaginations wild:

  • “Infinite Gulag”
  • “Most Wanted” - YouTuber TheXclusiveAce believes that this game mode has something to do with the contract with the same name. He also speculated that a bounty could be placed in one of the players/squads and the rest will be hunting them down.
  • “One Shot” - The OP is guessing that “Warzone” players will get eliminated by a single shot.
  • “Stimulus” - It is believed that more cash will be made available for players or the money rates will be increased on this game mode.
  • “Inflation Redeployment”

The OP even provided screenshots of the codes containing these game modes for proof.

New LTMs and playlists confirmed by ‘Warzone’ devs

In line with this, Infinity Ward’s Studio Narrative Director Taylor Kurosaki and Raven Software’s Creative Director Amos Hodge revealed in an interview with French gaming website Gamergen that new limited-time modes and playlists will be coming to the “Warzone” in Season 4. They also hinted at new items in both BR and Plunder that aren’t in the players’ loadout.

Kurosaki said that there are areas in Verdansk that the “Warzone” community hasn’t seen yet. That said, the yet to be released game modes (or some of them) may be connected to these locations on the map.

Infinity Ward could make some last-minute changes on the game modes they’ve been working on for “Warzone.” With that said, players are advised to take the above-mentioned with some pinches of salt.