Survivors were all hyped when game developer Studio Wildcard announced “ARK: Survival Evolved’s” next big expansion – Genesis a few months back. That said, the developer just posted another blog post announcing that the downloadable content’s release date will be pushed further yet again and this has without a doubt irked their player base.

‘ARK: Genesis’ delayed

On their recent post, Wildcard revealed the final release date for the first part of “ARK: Genesis” will be on Tuesday, February 25 on all platforms. They further explained that pushing back the DLC’s release date for another month will allow them to improve the game (“polishing, balancing, and putting the final pieces together) adding the delay will be worth it for both of “ARK’s” base game and the upcoming massive expansion.

They also noted that the extra month would allow Wildcard’s live ops team to ensure that the upcoming Valentine’s event – which was originally planned to be skipped this year – will be worthwhile for players. Another reason for the “Genesis” push back is the deployment of an “initial-anti meshing patch” adding that they are also slated to roll out what they call a “definitive anti-meshing logic overhaul” that according to them will address the issues that have been plaguing “ARK” for the longest time.


In line with this, the developer also stated that they’ve levelled up their anti-undermeshing system for them to easily detect problematic spots on the map and at the same time track down Survivors who are breaking “ARK’s” Code of Conduct.

It was also mentioned that they have been using the new system for quite a while now and they have been continuously testing its reliability. Wildcard even detailed how it works:

  • Once the system detects a player that’s undermeshing, the player will then be teleported back to an area where he/she was previously at and will be monitored for a period of time.
  • If the Survivor is caught undermeshing again during that monitoring period, or if the system wasn’t able to teleport back the player to a previous location, the player’s character will die and the items being carried will remain on that location.
  • This anti-undermeshing system is aware of the character’s activities and it will take certain actions into account to help prevent player frustration.

As mentioned, there are players who got frustrated about the announcement, though, there are some who are okay with it provided that “ARK: Genesis” runs smoothly by the time of its release.

Valentines Day 5

The upcoming Valentines Day 5 event, on the other hand, is said to be introducing new contents that are similar to the Winter Wonderland event where Wildcard introduced the miniaturized versions of “ARK: Survival Evolved” creatures known as Chibis. Survivors can still collect the previous 54 Chibis from the past event in addition to five more mini pets.