It didn't take long today on "The View" for the sparks to fly. The ladies started immediately discussing the hot topic of Paul Manafort and Rick Gates being indicted. "This nothing burger sure tastes really good, anyone else?" stated Sara Haines. Sunny Hostin quickly held up the 31-page indictment, flipping through it. Then the sparks really started to fly.

McCain vs Hostin

Newbie, meghan mccain immediately chimed in with, "we don't know what we don't know," to which Sunny interrupted saying, "let's talk about the indictment, because it's a fact, I have it right here." It quickly became a tennis match, if you will, with the back and forth between McCain and Hostin.

McCain started talking about Hillary Clinton paying money to get the Russian dossier, 15/love. Then Hostin tossed the ball back by rebutting with, "isn't it normal to have opposition research?" 15/15. McCain quickly defended that with a nice lob by saying, "not through a Russian operative."

Haines refereed saying, "I always had a problem with the fact that there are a crazy amount of ties" but the game quickly resumed when McCain came back with a nice backhand, "this is the ultimate breakdown of democracy and the humor and levity surrounding it on both sides." Sunny Hostin, exploded with an ace, "no, no, no, let's not talk about both sides, let's talk about whats happening today. Hillary Clinton is not the President and Hillary Clinton wasn’t just indicted!

NO! NO!"

It didn't end there and the match continued with McCain defending herself, "I'm trying to give you guys insight 'cause I actually know a lot about Paul Manafort." But Hostin wasn't having it, interrupting with, "we don’t need insight into Hillary Clinton," but Sara Haines pushed back by saying, "let her talk, let her talk, I want to hear."

Clearly, McCain was beside herself, occasionally she rolled her eyes and said, "you don’t need any insight from me." McCain went on to defend herself by explaining, "I must say for those of us who work in Republican policies, Paul Manafort has been ethically ambiguous for a very long time because of these money dealings and alleged bribes from Ukraine officials in the Russian government.We all know the story about Don junior meeting up with the Russian operative reportedly to get opponent research on Hillary Clinton.

A source close to The White House told Sara Murray, 'these guys were bad guys when they started, they were bad guys when they left.' So during the campaign when he was hiring people like Roger Stone and Paul Manafort, it raised a lot of alarms for people like me because in inner political circles your campaign operatives are a reflection of the candidate."

Sonny Hostin, still apparently bothered by much of what McCain was saying, exploded again, "why are we even talking about the DNC? Why are we talking about Hillary, why aren’t we talking about the two people who were indicted today?"

Who won this match, Sunny or Meghan? Let's keep the conversation going. Comment below.