First Lady Melania Trump has made tackling cyberbullying her number one issue while serving in the White House. After making a speech to the United Nations about her efforts on the initiative at hand, the host of "The View" were quick to give their thoughts.

"The View" on Melania

During the early days of the 2016 presidential election, it became clear that Donald Trump wouldn't be seeing eye to eye with the majority of the mainstream media. In an attempt to bypass the more traditional news outlets, the former host of "The Apprentice" took to his social media account to push his message to potential voters.

While promoting his unfiltered and unchallenged agenda on the internet, Trump also used Twitter to bash critics, often crossing the line and offending individuals in the process. Even in the Republican primary, Trump would bash his fellow conservatives, labeling Jeb Bush as "low energy," Marco Rubio as "Little Marco," and Ted Cruz as "Lyin' Ted." Trump went on to routinely mock Hillary Clinton during the general election, while ripping into critics in the media and in Hollywood. Due to the president's behavior on social media, it came as a shock when Melania Trump decided that her top goal as first lady would be to end cyberbullying. Earlier this week, Melania elaborated on the issue during a speech to the United Nations, which was highlighted during the September 21 edition of "The View."

On the Thursday edition of "The View," the co-hosts ran a video clip of Melania Trump during the aforementioned anti-cyberbullying speech.

"We must remember that they are watching and listening so we must never miss an opportunity to teach many ethical lessons along the way," Melania said. "We must turn our focus right now to the message that they are exposed to on the daily basis through social media, the bullying, the experience online and in person," she went on to say.

In response, co-host Whoopi Goldberg went right after Melania Trump's remarks. "So, is one of the things she is going to be dealing with with her husband is going to be deleting his Twitter account?" Goldberg said to the cheers of the audience.

Also chiming in was co-host Sara Hines who said that Melania was sending a passive aggressive message to Donald Trump in order to avoid confronting him over his own cyberbullying history.

Double down

"That’s too subtle for him,” fellow co-host Joy Behar fired back. "She probably doesn’t even bother with him anymore, but does she even know who he is?" she wondered. "Does she even know what she’s saying?" Behar continued, before the panel implied that Melania Trump is just reading what has been written for her, without really having an interest in the cause.