meghan mccain is finally an official co-host of "The View." A source confirmed the news to Entertainment Tonight that Sen. John McCain's daughter will be joining the panel of hosts this October. She is set to join other regular co-hosts like Joy Behar, Paula Faris, Sunny Hostin, and Whoopi Goldberg.

McCain is reported to replace Jedidiah Bila as one of the leading panelists of the show. Last week, Bila confirmed the news that she'll be leaving the talk show after a year of working as one of the regular co-hosts.

While announcing her departure from "The View," Behar told Bila on air, "It's great to have you here."

Contributor and co-host of Fox News

While everyone from "The View" welcomes McCain as their newest regular co-host, it was also learned that the political personality just recently left Fox News as one of the network's contributors and host of the show, "Outnumbered."

The 32-year-old McCain revealed that she has faced several political issues during her stay at the network. She has considered herself as a Republican with some sort of liberal views on the different social issues. Perhaps, McCain could be facing off with her other co-hosts like Goldberg on the show.

Goldberg, on the other hand, revealed in one of her interviews that she would be staying on the show as long she is needed to stay.

An opinionated tongue

While McCain was known for being one of the best talk show hosts in Fox, she was also popularly known as an outspoken tongue who usually lashed out the US President Donald Trump on her Twitter posts.

That could continue, even after she takes on her new job with her fellow co-hosts at "The View." She is also expected to talk about the president during the show.

It seems that the feisty daughter of Senator McCain has landed a great gig with "The View." A source from the show revealed to E! News that the production had been looking for a conservative voice to join the regular panelist.

For several years, the show has played along with its regular co-hosts.

It was reported that they added back Joy Behar after Nicole Wallace left the show. And most recently, Bila was one of the regular co-hosts who bid farewell to the daytime show. During her announcement of exit, ABC released an official statement regarding her decision.

The network added, "We want to thank Jed very much for all of her contributions and wish her great success with the next step in her career. She will always be part of The View family."