Everyone seems to be talking about Meghan McCain these days. McCain recently became the newest member of ABC's longtime running daytime talk show to hit the table. She hasn't been shy either. In fact, she came out guns a-blazing voicing her views. After all, the show isn't called "The View" for nothing.

Here today, gone tomorrow

The viewers seem to have much to say about McCain and her views. Much of what is being said, isn't nice. it seems viewers are upset that she replaced Jedediah Bila and are asking ABC to bring Bila back, even creating an online petition.

Bila was blindsided and abruptly let go last month only after signing on for the entire season. Much speculation about Bila's departure was due to her harsh questioning of guest, Hilary Clinton. ABC fired back stating that she just didn't fit well in with the ladies and that viewers couldn't relate to her.

What's good for the goose

Isn't that the pot calling the kettle black because viewers are definitely not relating to McCain with hashtags such as #bootmeghan in a fan group on Facebook. Viewers do not like McCain's bull in a china shop line of questioning of such guests as congresswoman, Frederica Wilson, and Nancy Pelosi.

Viewers also feel that McCain doesn't have a sense of humor and is too serious for such a show as "The View" stating that she just doesn't seem comfortable and is awkward.

McCain, former Fox News host and blogger, doesn't seem to be giving in to all the twitter shaming either. She brings it every day with passion and class. Viewers did get to see a side of her they rarely see when her father, Sen. John McCain stopped by the table just this past Monday to celebrate Meghan's 33rd Birthday. Meghan was brought to tears when her father presented her with a framed photo of the two of them sitting together after a hike in Sedona.

Tears aside, it still didn't really quiet her critiques.

Nobody is safe at the table

McCain is the lone Conservative at the table and has her job cut out for her for sure. Filling that seat doesn't seem like any small feat. It's still too soon to know how long she will be around but if viewers get their way, McCain just might become another in a long line of one seasoner's such as Bila, Michelle Collins, Raven-Symoné, Jenny McCarthy, Nicolle Wallace and Candace Cameron Bure.

Given the show's unpredictable history, nobody is ever really safe and should never really feel comfortable at the table, just ask Bila. Stay tuned.

Let's keep the conversation going, what are your thoughts on "The View" and meghan mccain?