"The View" co-host Jedediah Bila officially announced on Monday that she'd be leaving the show after joining the daytime program for more than a year. The TV host made the announcement herself that it will be the last day that she'll be part of the show. She also thanked all the ladies whom she worked with as co-host.

Some of her co-hosts were Sunny Hostin, Joy Behar, Sara Haines, and Whoopi Goldberg. As she ended her statement, Bila revealed that these ladies had become her closest friends. Meanwhile, she added that despite leaving "The View" as one of the TV hosts, they'd remain to be friends no matter what.

Thanking the loyal viewers

As Bila officially bid farewell to her "The View" family, the TV host couldn't help but thank all the loyal viewers of the show. She added that she wanted to thank everyone; those viewers who loved and hated her at the same time. She concluded her statement by saying, "This is what I'm here for. I'm here to shake things up."

According to Entertainment Tonight, the daytime TV host received hugs from her co-hosts when she revealed her announcement. Hostin also added that they were honored to have her not just a co-host but as one of their friends.

Haines, on the other hand, has thanked Bila for everything she learned from her. While her announcement was a little bit of surprise to the viewers, Bila didn't reveal further details as to why she was leaving.

Permanent co-host

Bila first joined "The View" family as a permanent co-host back in 2016. Alongside Goldberg, Haines, and Behar, the TV host joined the show's 26th season.

Perhaps, it was not the first time for a host to bid goodbye to the daytime program. To recall, Candace Cameron Bure had also left the show back in December 2016.

It's a little bit of bittersweet when a co-host steps down from the daytime program.

According to US Magazine, Bure decided to leave "The View" since she had some other commitments to "Fuller House." Perhaps, Bila might also have her own reasons as she decided to step down as one of the hosts.

Some other hosts who left the program revealed that they wanted to focus more time on their children. On the other hand, Bure also revealed that the commute from West Coast to East Coast was a tough thing for her. Despite Bila leaving the show, "The View" continues to air weekdays on ABC at 11 a.m. E.T.

Her fans were saddened after learning the announcement. However, they also wished Bila the best for her career.