"The View's" ratings have been skyrocketing of late due to all the Political Drama and there isn't any indication that they will be declining anytime soon. The show seems to have taken on a new vibe and every day seems to bring a new political "hot topic" and hot button for the ladies.

'The View' gets very heated

Things can get a bit heated at times and the ladies are no strangers to heated political debates. Over the years the show has had its share of controversy. Most recently, Jedediah Bila who joined as a regular co-host in 2016 and had signed on to appear for this entire season abruptly made an announcement that she would be leaving.

The announcement came as a shock to the viewers and created much speculation that Bila was fired due to her harsh questioning of Hilary Clinton. Bila who considers herself a conservative libertarian often found herself all alone in her views and often butted heads with her other co-hosts. Bila has since been replaced with Republican conservative, meghan mccain.

The hottest seat at the table

McCain made her "View" debut on Monday, October 9th and it wasn't without controversy of its own. When talking about the hot topic of taking a knee, McCain turned the subject to herself which apparently was a turn off for viewers. McCain, who refers to herself as a Republican who is "liberal on social issues" is filling some very controversial shoes being the only Republican at the table.

After all, that seems to be the hottest seat at the table. She definitely has her work cut out for her. Stay tuned.

The show has been on since 1997 and gets better with age. Yes, it's been a revolving door for co-hosts through the years. but since the additions of two of Good Morning America's best, Sara Haines, weekend anchor, Paula Farris plus Sunny Hostin, the show seems to mesh pretty well.

Given what is going on in the white house these days, there doesn't seem to be a lack of hot topics at the table. The show will continue to push the envelope for sure. Fans will keep tuning in to hear what the co-hosts have to say with the hopes that one of them will put their foot in their mouth.

Fans still remember the on-air fight between then co-hosts, Rosie Odonnel and Elisabeth Hasselbeck in 2007 which ensued when Odonnel called Hasselbeck 'cowardly' and accused her of not defending her when outlets accused Odonnel of calling US Troops, terrorists.

Odonnel who is a liberal and Hasselbeck a conservative battled it out for over 10 awkward minutes. At one point, Joy Behar begged producers to go to commercial but producers knew what a great show Odonnel and Hasselbeck were putting on, so they split the screen and stayed on air to let the feathers fly.

Let's keep the conversation going. How do you feel about all the politicalness and Meghan McCain joining "The View?"