Senator John McCain who holds office in the Republican State of Arizona was recently diagnosed with a form of terminal brain cancer. This has left him in a bad state and he sought the comfort of his family and friends at his personal estate for the past few months. Although his situation is dire, McCain has been fulfilling his congressional duties as best he can. Most recently, he expressed his concern over a CIA nominee candidate Gina Haspel.

A report by CNN showed Haspel, an agent with the CIA and a nominee for the Trump Administration, has a history of waterboarding and torture during her tenure in the Bush Administration.

"Her refusal to acknowledge torture's immorality is disqualifying. I believe the Senate should exercise it's duty of advice and consent and reject this nomination," wrote the Senator. McCain served as a Navy Lieutenant in the Vietnam War which took place from November 1, 1955, until April 30, 1975, in Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia.

Prisoner of war

During his war service, Lieutenant McCain served as a Navy pilot and he had to jump from his aircraft due to an enemy attack. It's a day that has since changed his life forever. McCain was captured in the fall of 1967 and held as a prisoner of war spanning more than five devastating years. He was subjected to torture, waterboarding, and many other horrendous acts, which have impacted on his life in ways that most can't even imagine.

Upon learning that the new nominee for CIA director was going to be Gina Haspel, who proudly supported waterboarding, he immediately took a stance against it and urged his fellow politicians to denounce the nomination as well.

A blatant mockery

"He's dying anyway" so his vote doesn't matter, joked White House Aide, Kelly Sadler.

This was her public remark in response to the Senator's dissent of the CIA nominee. The next day she returned to work to resume her normal daily duties, assisting the president whenever needed.

Family and friends were outraged and showed their immediate support for the Senator's decision including fellow Arizona Senator Jeff Flake, Virg Senator Tim Kaine, John's wife Mrs.Cindy McCain, and his daughter, Meghan McCain.

Mrs.Cindy McCain commented on Twitter, “@kellysadler45 May I remind you my husband has a family, 7 children and 5 grandchildren.”

On 'The View,' daughter Megan McCain can be seen expressing her concern over the remarks .

As of May 10, 2018, Haspel had begun undergoing confirmation hearings for her upcoming role as the new CIA Director. A final decision from the White House awaits us in the days ahead.