Whoopi Goldberg celebrated her 10th anniversary as moderator of “The View” on Tuesday, September 5th. It was the premiere of Season 21 of the ABC's talk show. Goldberg thought she was introducing a segment about the show's new season when Sara Haines interrupted to honor the moderator for her service on the show over the last decade. Needless to say, the comedian was shocked as a montage called "A Decade Under the Influence of Whoopi" was presented.

Standing ovation

Flashbacks were shown of Goldberg's tenure on "The View," starting with her very first day and continuing to the present time.

There were some clips of funny episodes as well as some controversial ones. Following the montage, the studio audience gave Whoopi a standing ovation.

After the studio audience settled down, co-host Joy Behar asked Whoopi what she had learned by being the moderator for ten years. Goldberg said she had learned not to ask questions. Then she thanked Behar for being instrumental, along with Barbara Walters, in getting her the job. Whoopi added that at the time she was desperate for a job. It was when no one would hire her because she had said the wrong thing to the wrong person.

Big surprise

Apparently, Whoopi is a fan of Chaka Khan, because the singer came out and sang a medley of familiar songs.

All the hosts stayed on stage and sang and danced along with the superstar. It was a big surprise because the moderator had no idea she would be honored by such an iconic guest.

About Whoopi

Whoopi, whose real name is Caryn Elaine Johnson, has been wearing a lot of hats for years. She is an actress, a comedian, an author, and a television host.

The 61-year-old celebrity has been nominated for 13 Emmy Awards for her work, dating back to 1985 when she was first recognized in "The Color Purple."

Goldberg belongs to a small club of people who have won all four awards. She has won an Emmy, a Grammy, an Oscar and a Tony known by the acronym EGOT. In other words, she has been recognized for excelling in television for her Emmy, a Grammy for music, an Oscar for film and a Tony for theater.

Whoopi replaced Rose O'Donnell on "The View" on September 4, 2007. Her appearance brought in 3.4 million viewers. That was 1 million fewer than O'Donnell's ratings. After two weeks, the average viewership had increased to 3.5 million total viewers. That was up 7 percent more than what it was when O'Donnell was the moderator. Today, "The View" has about 2.958 million total viewers.