When Savannah Guthrie and Hoda Kotb announced this morning on the “Today” show that longtime host Matt Lauer was fired after a colleague claimed that Lauer has sexually harassed her, as stated by the Los Angeles Times, Lauer’s peers and America were stunned. According to the Page Six website, Lauer sexually assaulted a worker from NBC during the 2014 Olympics that took place in Sochi. Lauer had been with the "Today" show for almost 25 years. The talk show hosts from ABC’s “The View” discussed Lauer’s firing on their show this morning (Nov. 29).

Whoopi Goldberg leads the way for 'The View' response to Lauer

The ABC show “The View” discussed Matt Lauer’s sudden termination and the recent shake-ups on morning shows that have resulted in firings for sexual harassment. “This Morning’s” longtime host Charlie Rose was just let go from CBS last week for sexual harassment charges. “The View” host Sara Haines asked why daytime television is getting so many sexual harassment claims. Said Whoopi Goldberg in response, “A lot of men are on it.”

Co-host Joy Behar had much to say about the Lauer termination. When mentioning that the “Today” show would lose ratings, due to Lauer’s popularity with viewers, Behar also raised the question, “Don’t you think the executives at these networks have some clue?

We all know what goes on in these places of work.”

Goldberg took the discussion a step further by discussing President Donald Trump’s tweet suggesting that the sexual harassment claim against Lauer is fake news. Said Goldberg in response to Trump, “It’s all well and good to call folks out. Let us not forget that you (Trump) also have people accusing you.”

The hosts also discussed how Lauer was seemingly behind the “Today’ show’s firing of co-host Ann Curry five years ago.

Curry had just turned 50. “The View” mentioned that Curry was treated badly during her final days on the show and that Lauer had not treated her well.

'Today' show hosts express shock

Said Guthrie about her feelings about the Lauer incident on the “Today” show this morning, “How do you reconcile your love for someone with the revelation that they have behaved badly?”

Hoda Kotb also expressed that Lauer had been a good friend for many years.

Al Roker, who does the weather report for the show, admitted that he was having a difficult time processing the news about his fired co-host.

It is not the first time that Lauer has been embroiled in controversy, as stated by the New York Times website. He was tough on Hillary Clinton and Tom Cruise in interviews and mentioned a somewhat risqué photo of Anne Hathaway during his interview with the actress.

So long, Matt Lauer.