Speculation continues as to whether or not Donald Trump will make the move to fire Robert Mueller as special counsel to the Russian investigation. As the news heats up, the ladies of "The View" took time to rip into the commander in chief.

"The View" on Trump

Over the weekend, Attorney General Jeff Sessions decided to fire Deputy Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation Andrew McCabe just days before his retirement.

Following McCabe's firing, rumors of Donald Trump firing special counsel Robert Mueller increased, creating panic in Washington as a sitting president firing the head of a major investigation against him would make the administration look guilty. Mueller and his team have indicted several past and present associates of Trump, with some like Paul Manafort and Michael Flynn facing serious charges due to their reported links back to Russia. As expected, the White House has done their best to distance themselves from the legal issues. As the news follows into the week, the hot topic was discussed during the March 19 edition of "The View" on ABC.

After playing a clip of Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham pushing back against the potential firing of Robert Mueller, co-host joy behar called out the rest of the Republican Party.

"Why won't they just step in?" Behar asked, before later saying, "they know he (Trump) has plenty to hide."

"When you have someone who you are investigating who is at every turn trying to obstruct justice, and you are investigating them for obstructing justice, it raises a lot of red flags," co-host Sonny Hostin added. Joy Behar then went after Lindsey Graham by referring to him as a "flip-flopper," while asking, "Where is Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan?

They're the leaders of the party." Fellow co-host Meghan McCain then chimed in, warning that if Trump fired Mueller he would create "chaos" and "bedlam" in the the country.

Behar doubles down

"It's because of the Republican Party back in the day with Watergate that Nixon had to resign. I wonder if that will happen. It's so obvious that the Russians hacked into the election," Joy Behar went on to add.

"When is Trump and the rest of them...when they are not able to watch Fox News?" she said, while concluding, "we are in trouble in this country." While the hosts on "The View" continue to debate the issues of the day, it's unknown if Trump will make the controversial discussion to fire Robert Mueller as head of the Russian investigation.