It was just last week when White House staffer Kelly Sadler mocked Arizona Sen. John McCain for having brain cancer. Since then, the White House has refused to apologize, leading to the senator's daughter, Meghan McCain to respond.

McCain on White House

It's no secret that Donald Trump and John McCain aren't on the best terms. Starting back during the early days of the 2016 election, Trump made it known that he's not a fan of the senator from Arizona, going as far as to mock his military history for getting captured during the Vietnam War, saying, "He's not a war hero." Since then, Trump has been reported to have mocked McCain in private, most notably over his limp due to injuries suffered while being a POW.

Fast forward to present day and it's Trump staffer Kelly Sadler who's in hot water after she dismissed McCain's criticism of the president's nominee to lead the CIA. Sadler reportedly said of McCain, "he's dying anyway."

After days of criticism, the White House has yet to offer an apology, with Kelly Sadler still holding onto her job in the administration. This issue was highlighted during the May 14 edition of "The View," with co-host Meghan McCain defending her father.

"I had a very long weekend...I have a really big family who is involved with all of this," McCain said.

In regards to the White House refusing to apologize for Kelly Sadler's insulting comments about John McCain, Meghan McCain replied "people are going to have to answer for their own conscience." "I've never actually gone on TV and lied...when you go on TV and say things like this, your belief in right and wrong...when you say things like that it's what you're going to have to live with," she added.

Not stopping there, "The View" co-host used the opportunity to highlight that May is "Brain Cancer Awareness" month and encouraged people to donate and learn more about the disease that her father is currently fighting.

Behind the scenes

While neither Donald Trump nor the administration have issued a public apology for Kelly Sadler's remarks, reports have leaked noting that White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders scolded her staff and said that the comments made were "unacceptable." Despite this, critics have brushed aside Sanders private remarks due to Trump's own history of insulting and mocking John McCain. As of press time, it's unknown if the administration will release a public apology or just hope that the news dies down.