Michael Wolff, the author of the book “Fire and Fury,” which might have been subtitled “signifying nothing,” has been having an easy time of it. Wolff’s progress on the media tour has been a love-fest despite the fact that his book has been demonstrated to be a fictionalized account of the first months of the Trump administration. It has catered to the biases of the never-Trumpers, even to the point of printing gossip, half-truths, and even lies as truth.

The portrait of the current president as a doddering fool despised by all has flown off the shelves and made Wolff a wealthy man.

However, his free ride came to an end, ironically enough, at the hands of one of the ladies of “The View,” which is to say, meghan mccain.

The Maverick’s daughter

Meghan McCain is, of course, the young daughter of Senator John McCain, R-Arizona, the maverick in winter who was recently diagnosed with a form of brain cancer that will likely kill him sooner rather than later. The senator has been an object of fascination and even awe ever since he returned from the Hanoi Hilton where he was tortured for five and a half years at the hands of the North Vietnamese. He has enjoyed a long career in politics, mainly in the Senate, and has run for president twice, both times unsuccessfully. Sen. McCain has proven to be an aggravation to conservatives for his tendency to buck orthodoxy, say what he wants to say, and generally behave as an irritant.

The younger McCain has proven to be her father’s daughter, ever since she entered the public scene during the senator’s losing 2008 campaign. She has not been shy about criticizing people ranging from Sarah Palin to Karl Rove. McCain has little use for Donald Trump. She is socially liberal in a party that values a more conservative stance on issues like gay rights and abortion.

Meghan McCain has chosen, so far, a media career. It was in this capacity where she recently shone.

Wolff vs McCain

Meghan McCain is currently playing the thankless role as the token conservative among the generally liberal ladies of "The View." Being on the same set as Joy Behar must be an exercise in patience, for one thing.

However, when Michael Wolff came to visit, he found himself confronted by a tigress.

The video below gives one a gist of what happened. In essence, Wolff encountered something that he had not experienced before - tough questions by someone who was not impressed by his prose. The money quote happened when the younger McCain stated, “You’re why people hate journalists.” While that is not entirely true, as a lot of people in the media have stoked fear and loathing, it was apt for the occasion. If Meghan McCain does not follow her father’s footsteps into politics, she has a bright future as a tough interviewer who will make the subject sweat. Some network really needs to give McCain her own show.