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LeBron James will soon pass NBA legend on an NBA all-time list

LeBron James keeps moving up NBA all time lists, and he is on the brink of passing another legend
It seems that every other day LeBron James is moving up another spot on an all-time regular season list. King James is currently sitting in 8th place all-time in scoring, 13th place in assists, 75th...
22 March 2017 -
M. Oakes

LeBron James talks about why NBA players rest games

There is a lot of controversy on NBA superstars like LeBron James resting games, so LeBron addressed it.
In the Cleveland Cavaliers 108-78 loss to the Clippers, LeBron James missed his 6th game of the NBA season, 5 of those games due to rest. This has stirred a lot of controversy from players, fans, the...
21 March 2017 -
M. Oakes

LeBron issues warning to Lavar Ball

LeBron doesn't play when it comes to his family, telling Lavar Ball to not speak about his family
Lavar Ball, son of UCLA freshman star Lonzo Ball, has been in the news recently for his sometimes confident proclamations about himself and his sons. He decided to make his most recent comment on...
22 March 2017 -
W. E. Ricks
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  • Adam Silver trying to flex his muscles at the owners in the NBA

    A change is needed if Adam Silver will keep the superstars of the NBA on the court during nationally televised games.
    The NBA commissioner, Adam Silver says that resting the superstar players is "an extremely significant issue for our league." He recently sent a memo to all the team owners in the NBA Monday. In the...
    21 March 2017
    D. Pool
  • Steph Curry enjoys birthday with Warriors win, new shoes and a mouthguard cake

    Steph Curry celebrated his 29th birthday with a win against the 76ers, a new pair of Curry 3s and a mouthguard cake. Happy day, indeed for SC.
    After a three-game losing streak, the Golden State Warriors are back in the winning column. Thanks to the defensive efforts of Draymond Green and the offensive prowess of Steph Curry and Klay...
    15 March 2017
    D. Tan
  • Cavs sign C Larry Sanders, will waive Bogut

    Cleveland found their replacement for Andrew Bogut, sign Larry Sanders.
    According to league sources, the Cleveland Cavaliers are going to sign C Larry Sanders Monday afternoon. Sanders has been out of action in the NBA for a while now, but he feels as if he is ready to...
    13 March 2017
    W. E. Ricks
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  • Watch Lakers vs. Thunder live stream: how to watch online, TV time & channel

    After recent trades, Los Angeles and Oklahoma City meet up for NBA action.
    Friday night will feature the Lakers vs. Thunder live stream and televised matchup from Chesapeake Energy Arena in Oklahoma City. The latest basketball matchup features one of the top NBA MVP...
    24 February 2017
    M. Couden
  • Can the Clippers stay healthy for the rest of the season?

    With their core back, can the Clippers get that elusive championship, or has that window closed?
    The L.A Clippers have been a team always on the cusp of getting deep into the playoffs until something drastic happens. Last year both of their stars Blake Griffin and Chris Paul got injured and...
    25 February 2017
    W. E. Ricks
  • The four teams most likely to win an NBA title this year

    As the season winds down and the playoffs draw near, let's look at the best performing teams.
    The end of the season is coming. The best analysts have spoken and here's what they have to say about the four teams most likely to win an NBA Championship in 2017. The four teams are as follows with...
    2 March 2017
    S. News
  • Kawhi Leonard continues to show his greatness

    Leonard's game against the Pacers the other night was just more evidence of his greatness.
    On March 1st, the NBA's second best team in the league, the San Antonio Spur, were losing by one point to the Indiana Pacers with only 8.5 seconds left to play. Following a time out, Kawhi Leonard was...
    3 March 2017
    G. Sousa
  • The Cleveland Cavaliers set an NBA record with 25 threes in a game

    The defending NBA champion, Cleveland Cavaliers have yet again put their name in the history books.
    In the Cavaliers 135-130 win over the Atlanta Hawks in the Phillips Arena on Friday night, the Cavs were scorching hot. They nailed 25 three point shots on just 48 attempts from beyond the arc, which...
    3 March 2017
    M. Oakes
  • NBA commissioner Adam Silver says changes are coming to all-star game

    NBA players' association president Chris Paul and Silver have discussed all-star game changes after defenseless game
    NBA commissioner Adam Silver and NBA players' association President Chris Paul have spoken at length about possible changes for next season's all-star game. This comes just weeks after a public outcry...
    4 March 2017
    E. Voldness
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