Federal lawsuit filed to block Donald Trump from officially becoming president, report

A lawsuit has been filed in an attempt to prevent Donald Trump from making it to the White House.
When Donald Trump defeated Hillary Clinton to become the next president-elect during election 2016, it shocked millions in the United States and around the world. While Trump won more than the 270...
6 December 2016 -
R. Sobel

Pizzagate conspiracy leads to armed NC gunman storming DC pizza place

Another anti-Clinton conspiracy nearly had deadly consequences for pizza eaters
Pizzagate is another in a long line of conspiracy theories related to the Clinton family. As far as conspiracy theories go, calling it bizarre does not do it justice. The theory goes that a ring of...
5 December 2016 -
M. Stafford

Donald Trump melts down on Twitter over 'scam' recount to block him from White House

Donald Trump is not happy that Jill Stein filed a recount in Wisconsin and went on another Twitter tirade to express his anger.
Earlier this month, the entire world was shocked that Donald Trump was able to pull of the political upset of the century and defeat Hillary Clinton to become the next president-elect. After it was...
26 November 2016 -
R. Sobel
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