Trump says he actually likes Bernie Sanders

And that the Democrats - and Hillary Clinton - rigged his bid for the presidency
One of the more interesting things to come out of Trump's speech Friday at the #Conservative Political Action Conference on Friday was his discussion about Bernie Sanders, who he surprisingly didn't...
24 February 2017 -
E. Vulet

Hillary Clinton and Michelle Obama were asked to be on 'Dancing with the Stars'

The cast of 'Dancing with the Stars' will be announced on 'Good Morning America' on March 1.
According to Us Weekly, Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton was allegedly asked to be a contestant on the popular ABC dance competition show, "Dancing with the Stars" for Season 24 that...
23 February 2017 -
M. Minnicks

AdRoll cuts ties with Infowars, claiming Alex promotes fake news

Alex Jones blames the ad ban on censorship because of his support of President Donald Trump.
The major online ad company AdRoll has decided to end its promotion of Infowars products due to their disagreement with the political views expressed on the Infowars website. Alex Jones, who is the...
23 February 2017 -
D. C. M. Jr.
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  • Trump and Russia and the inconvenient truth

    Did President Trump hate President Obama enough to have a filthy reaction on a visit to Russia?
    There are two stories out there. One is that Trump and Russia never did meet. The other is that Trump was in Russia and did horrible things. This all goes back to a typed intelligence memo that was...
    24 February 2017
    S. C. Rose
  • Hillary Clinton breaks her silence, comments on Michael Flynn resignation

    After Michael Flynn resigned as National Security Adviser, Hillary Clinton was quick to give her thoughts.
    In recent days, a cloud of controversy has hung over the Donald Trump administration in the form of National Security Advisor Michael Flynn. After Flynn abruptly announced his resignation on Thursday...
    14 February 2017
    R. Sobel
  • Hollywood stars target Donald Trump with epic round of Twitter takedowns

    Donald Trump and Hollywood celebrities are not on the same page, with the president being a top target across Twitter.
    Ever since Donald Trump announced his campaign for president, his relationship with Hollywood has been strained. Since being sworn into office, Trump and many celebrities have failed to get on the...
    21 February 2017
    R. Sobel
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  • Ivanka Trump may succeed where Hilary failed

    Daughter of Donald Trump has been with her father all along, and received excellent grounding in the art of politics.
    Hillary Clinton was nominated as the Democratic candidate for president. Unfortunately, she lost and her dream of being the first woman president evaporated. Hillary lost not because of any gender...
    31 January 2017
    M. Singh
  • Hillary Clinton will write a new book about her point of view of the election

    According to publisher Simon & Schuster, the book will focus on some of Clinton's favorite quotes.
    Hillary Clinton has announced plans to write a book in her post-election plans. What do we know about the upcoming book? The book will be a collection of personal essays, and is expected to be...
    2 February 2017
    J. Witiw
  • Ivanka Trump and her best friend at Clinton HQ

    The two were apparently friends, but we're wondering if that may have changed
    "I probably won't talk to [Cheslea] before Election Day, but I'll absolutely talk to her after Election Day," Chelsea told E! News over the election period. "Our friendship started before #politics,...
    10 February 2017
    E. Vulet
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