Hillary Clinton debuts new excuse for losing the election

Clinton's litany of excuses continues to grow, as pro-Clinton super PAC pushes new conspiracy theory
First, she blamed her loss to Donald Trump on former FBI Director James Comey. Then she blamed Russia, Julian Assange, and WikiLeaks. Later she declared that it was misogyny that had cost her the...
29 May 2017 -
M. Bressi

Hillary Clinton's daughter slams Philippine president for rape joke

Chelsea Clinton did not find Rodrigo Duterte's rape joke funny at all.
Philippine president Rodrigo Duterte is once again under fire for his recent rape joke during his speech on Friday, May 26. Speaking before the soldiers fighting against the Maute group in the...
27 May 2017 -
D. T.

Hillary Clinton on Trump and Sanders: 'I beat both of them' in the election

Former Democratic presidential contender says she won the election, not Donald Trump or Bernie Sanders.
Hillary Clinton won the popular election by 3 million more votes over Donald Trump, and she's bent on making sure no one forgets that. In a new interview, Clinton insists that she unofficially won the...
27 May 2017 -
H. Tooley
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  • Hillary Clinton blames Russia and FBI for her 2016 loss

    Hillary Clinton believes that if the election were held on October 27, she would be the president right now.
    Hillary Clinton came out of hiding to talk about her devastating loss in November and what led to the Democrats losing the election. The former Democratic presidential candidate believes that FBI...
    3 May 2017
    C. Williams
  • Clinton slams Trump for using Twitter to talk with North Korea

    Hillary Clinton blasted Trump for using Twitter to bait North Korea into a conflict.
    Hillary Clinton blasted Trump for using Twitter to bait North Korea into a conflict. She urged him to put his phone down and actually to call him, on a regulated White House telephone, and hash it out...
    3 May 2017
    C. Williams
  • FBI Director James Comey: I feel 'mildly nauseous' over influencing election

    Despite the outcome, Comey still stands by his decision to reveal Clinton investigation
    FBI Director and registered Republican James Comey, standing before lawmakers Wednesday from both parties, defended his actions to alert Congress about an investigation into Hillary Clinton’s email...
    3 May 2017
    J. Skye
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