Hillary Clinton may have been defeated by James Comey's October surprise letter

Now there is at least some chance that President Donald Trump will be James Comey's next victim.
It looks more and more that the author of history at present is not Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump. The prime mover may be James Comey. That would be true if the President ends up guilty of covering...
28 March 2017 -
S. C. Rose

Hillary Clinton comes out swinging in San Francisco

She was in a much better mood lambasting Donald Trump than she was on election night
Usually when a politician gets defeated as thoroughly as Hillary Clinton did last November, said candidate would withdraw someone quiet and try to understand the reason for the debacle. Clinton may...
29 March 2017 -
M. Whittington

Leather-clad Hillary Clinton swats at Trump in new grandma biker-inspired mode?

Hillary Clinton not only has new, tougher look, but she was acting a bit more self-assured as she lambasted Trump in her new grandma biker-like mode!
Hillary Clinton came out of the woods and from the way she looked one might surmise she jumped on a Harley to get to her latest event. There's no doubt that Hillary is still longing to take control of...
29 March 2017 -
r. . zurko
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