What will Huma Abedin do next? she was Hillary's close confidant now she has been defeated

She was the backroom driving force of Hillary team and controlled the election campaign during a tumultuous period but now faces an uncertain future
Hillary Clinton and Huma Abedin were inseparable.She had the confidence of the Democratic candidate and it will not be wrong to say that she exerted more influence on Hillary than anybody else even...
17 January 2017 -
M. Singh

Florida man charged with threatening to kill Trump was close friend of the Clintons

Dominic Puopolo contributed $20,000 to the DNC, according to federal elections records.
The man arrested Tuesday for threatening to assassinate President-elect Donald Trump during his inauguration is a member of a family with close personal ties to the Clintons, according to the UK's...
18 January 2017 -
M. Bressi

Is Hillary Clinton done with politics? Not so fast

Mayor of New York City may be on Hillary Clinton’s agenda, as she has not denied rumors of jumping back into politics.
Hillary Clinton may have suffered a devastating defeat in November, against Republican President-elect Donald Trump, but she hasn’t quelled suspicion of a potential run for Mayor of New York City....
10 January 2017 -
A. Kirmayer
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    It's only nine months away but 'insiders' believe if Hillary runs for mayor of New York City, she'd win - so, just who are these 'insiders?'
    There is someone out there rumored to be pushing Hillary Clinton to reboot her campaign and send it spinning in another direction -- toward the mayor of New York City. For Hillary this is like...
    7 January 2017
    r. . zurko
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    Finally an artist agrees to perform for Trump's inauguration. But she has one condition!
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    6 January 2017
    L. Craciun
  • Is Hillary Clinton serious about running for mayor of New York?

    On the other hand, if Clinton can make it there she can make it anywhere
    The rumor that Hillary Clinton has elicited reactions ranging from head scratching to yelps of astonishment. The conventional wisdom is that she is so popular with New Yorkers that she will sweep all...
    6 January 2017
    M. Whittington
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