Democrats regret paving way for Republicans to use 'Nuclear Option'

To get Obama appointees confirmed despite Republican opposition, in 2013 Senate Democrats invoked a simple majority rule called the 'Nuclear Option".
Reality dawns: Democrats regret 'Nuclear Option' The sound of mainstream Democrats running to and fro through newsrooms and political cubbyholes pre-condemning the Republican’s use the "Nuclear...
30 January 2017 -
L. Clifton

Tom Perez and Keith Ellison are wreckless picks to head DNC

Democrat's choice of an Obama administration insider, Tom Perez, and Keith Ellison, a Muslim Minnesota congressman, to head DNC is a mistake.
Emphasizing the desperation of Democrats, Nancy Pelosi, minority leader of the House, on Wednesday badgered Congressman Andre Carson to reintroduce himself as a "Muslim member of Congress” in...
1 February 2017 -
L. Clifton

Democratic battlefields, Congress and Senate

What can we expect from the Democrats in reaction to President Trump’s inauguration and what tactics will they follow?
Strangely, the Party that will be able to face the future politically after the November 8th election with some confidence is the Democratic Party. They already have the advantage of Hillary...
23 January 2017 -
G. (. Pezzano
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    M. Bressi
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    The next four years will see the Democratic Party fighting tooth and nail, the battle seems easy, but the obvious target may be too tempting
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    10 February 2017
    G. (. Pezzano
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