Outgoing Pres. Obama scolds Clinton campaign from Greece

Obama compared Clinton's failed Iowa campaign to his winning effort in 2012.
Obama scolds Hillary from Greece Pres. Obama’s final trip overseas was supposed to be a victory lap during which he would congratulate Hillary Clinton on winning and promote through passing the...
15 November 2016 -
L. Clifton

It's Not as Bad as It Seems, Democrats..

Despite how it looks, before we rebuild, we must first figure out what went wrong.
Despite what some pundits have told you, things aren't bad. President-elect Trump, although being the party nominee isn't going to be able to get any of his policy proposals. Before I get completely...
9 November 2016 -
J. Clowers

Liberals ponder, why not Tom Hanks or Oprah Winfrey for president?

Well liked by red state America but reliably liberal, what could go wrong?
Looking at the tatters that is the Democratic Party, the left is looking at ways to survive the Trump Apocalypse. One idea is that the Democrats should eschew professional politicians when choosing a...
15 November 2016 -
M. Whittington
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