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Barack Obama's anti-racism social media post generates over 3M likes

US President Donald Trump continues to get backlash for creating divisiveness.
Lots of people have decried the violence that recently broke out in Charlottesville, Virginia. Politicians, businessmen, celebrities and ordinary folks have conveyed messages on social media, but one...
16 August 2017 -
J. Cordova

Barack Obama’s return to politics will boost the morale of Democrats

There are indications that former president Barack Obama plans to make a comeback into the world of politics
Barack Obama has served as president of the United States for two consecutive terms and is now enjoying a much deserved holiday. There are indications that he plans to return to the political arena...
13 August 2017 -
P. Ghose

Obama to carefully re-emerge on the national scene this fall

Aide said it’s a “delicate dance” but prevents Obama from remaining the face of the Democratic party
Former US President Barack Obama is planning a return to the political scene to play an active role in helping the Democratic Party rebuild itself, according to The Hill. However, Obama’s...
13 August 2017 -
J. Santiago
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  • Donald Trump destroyed on Twitter after addressing white nationalist rally in VA

    Top celebrities have decided to speak out against Donald Trump after the president addressed the violence in Virginia over the weekend.
    Hundreds of white nationalists took part in a rally in Charlottesville, Virginia on Saturday, which quickly turned into violence and riots after counter-protesters clashed with those in attendance....
    12 August 2017
    R. Sobel
  • Donald Trump viciously trolled on Twitter for taking nearly 3-week golf vacation

    Donald Trump is headed out on a vacation to his private golf resort later this month and his critics aren't letting him get away with it.
    One of the big talking points used by Donald Trump when he was running for president was that he would never take time off from the job, while using the opportunity to bash then President Barack...
    3 August 2017
    R. Sobel
  • Democrats have divided America and their party

    In the process of dividing segments of America against the whole for votes, Democrats lost their grip.
    Nowhere was the flailing, desperate sinking of a visionless Democratic Party more on display than during Monday’s "MSNBC Morning Joe" edition that focused on the Democrats’ political plunge from...
    8 August 2017
    L. Clifton
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