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Apple may in fact launch the iPhone SE 2017 in August this year

A new report claims that Apple will unveil the refreshed iPhone SE 2 as early as August.
The iPhone SE is one of the only iPhones available on the market today which bears the classic look that smaller handsets of previous generations used to sport. The 4-inch model released by Apple in...
24 July 2017 -
S. P

Intel and other tech giants in support of Apple versus Qualcomm

The world's largest chip maker has filed an import ban on some models of iPhone.
The legal dispute between Apple and Qualcomm began when the former filed a lawsuit against the Qualcomm due to an alleged discrepancy in licensing fees. Apple contends that Qualcomm is taking...
22 July 2017 -

Faulty iPhone burns down home, owner sues Apple

A Minnesota woman is filing a lawsuit against Apple after investigations revealed that an iPhone 4s owned by the woman led to a house fire.
iPhones are extremely popular devices from Apple and most people in the United States are reluctant to purchase any other brand smartphones because of the dependability and efficiency of iPhones....
23 July 2017 -
S. P
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  • Apple's iPhone 8 might be delayed? Impressive features primary cause of delay

    The iPhone 8 will surely have new and impressive features, but it will also be the cause of its delay.
    Apple’s iPhone 8 is probably one of the most anticipated smartphones to arrive this year. But until now, the company has not released any official details regarding the phone. This year will mark...
    23 July 2017
    E. Morilla
  • iOS jailbreak: Apple is ending and destroying all jailbreaking access

    The era of jailbreaking is coming to an end. With the latest security of the updated iOS, jailbreaking it is seem impossible.
    Several years ago, many iPhone users may have jailbroken their device as the features offered with many cool things that Apple cannot come up with. In the present days, those adorable features that...
    19 July 2017
  • Apple may not refresh the iPhone SE

    A report indicated that Apple will not be releasing a refreshed variant of the iPhone SE in 2017.
    Apple's latest flagship iPhone 8 is in the works and is expected to be launched sometime in September. However, people who cannot afford the premium handset can usually pick up the Cupertino-based...
    18 July 2017
    S. P
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  • iOS 10.3.1 Jailbreak update: Apple signing cut again, mobile crack dimmer

    Apple cuts support for iOS 10.3.1, Jailbreaking Community left pondering
    Apple has once again shelved support for a mobile operating system, a regular practice that doesn’t come as a surprise. This is concerning iOS 10.3.1 which will no longer be supported with attention...
    28 June 2017
    R. Joseph
  • Apple focuses on artificial intelligence, may build self driving car

    One media report says Steve Cook killed the idea while another says the company is focusing on making the car
    As Apple prepares for the release of the iPhone 8 in the fall, news came that Apple's latest project is a self-driving car. In one report, Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple said that Apple would not build a...
    25 June 2017
    J. Jarrett
  • Why artificial intelligence will determine Apple’s future

    Apple is already behind its main competitors in the AI, VR, and AR space; will the iPhone 8 change anything?
    Apple has been wildly successful in the smartphone market for the past ten years, ever since late co-founder Steve Jobs introduced the original iPhone. With everything set for the new iPhone 8 event...
    2 July 2017
    R. Guerra
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