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iPhone X late release negatively affecting iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus preorders

A KGI report detailed that the delayed release of the iPhone X has negatively affected the preorders for the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus.
Apple launched three new iPhones during the September 12 event, namely the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and the iPhone X. However, only the first two will be released on September 22, while the third...
21 September 2017 -
S. P

Apple reveals issues with Apple Watch Series 3 shortly before release date

Problems found with LTE connectivity; company promises fix to come with software patch.
Everybody knows about the latest gadgets from Apple, but the main focus as always is on the new iPhone or two of them. The lion’s share of discussion might be the merits of choosing either the...
20 September 2017 -

Apple TV 4K finally out in the market but can it beat out smart TVs?

4K streaming on the new device requires huge bandwidth and Apple recommends a 25 Mbps speed to enjoy it to the fullest.
The latest Apple TV is finally out on the market. Even though it may look the same as the previous models released a couple of years ago, the internal parts of the device have been massively upgraded....
21 September 2017 -
E. Morilla
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  • Google acquires HTC: Will it become another Apple?

    With HTC, Google acquisition direct towards greater integration between hardware and software.
    One of the strengths of Apple is definitely to produce both hardware and software, and this is more noticeable in the mobile industry with the production of iPhone, iPad and the iOS operating system....
    22 September 2017
    D. Allen
  • iOS 11 Jailbreak: Here’s every details that Jailbreakers must know

    Apple's latest iOS is coming out soon while jailbreak status is currently in doubt
    If Apple follows its usual schedule, the iOS 11 will be released on September 19. After the previous failed attempt from the jailbreak community, fans are wondering whether the jailbreak for iOS will...
    19 September 2017
  • Demand for iPhone X puts the hurt on iPhone 8 sales

    Between $699 iPhone 8 and $999 iPhone X, Apple consumers will pay more for the anniversary model without hesitation.
    One must suppose that Apple saw it coming when they introduced no less than two smartphones simultaneously, but with a staggered product launch schedule. There were two iPhones unveiled: one the...
    19 September 2017
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  • Apple iOS 10.3.2 Analysis: Is the next jailbreak tool worth waiting?

    Apple users have been waiting for the next jailbreak tool. But why wait when third-party apps manager can be accessed without jailbreaking?
    The Apple community learned about a successful jailbreak demonstration for iOS 10.3.2 and the beta version of iOS 11 at the Mobile Security Conference (MOSEC) 2017. Somehow, no new jailbreak tool came...
    4 September 2017
    J. Villanueva
  • The best way to jailbreak Apple devices is by not updating to a new iOS

    Apple users who are still planning to jailbreak their devices should remain on iOS 10.3.2, says app developers.
    When iOS 10.3 was introduced back in late March, many Apple users and even some hackers thought it would be impossible to create another jailbreak tool. The reason: This third major update on iOS 10...
    26 August 2017
    J. Villanueva
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 8 pre-orders have been shipped ahead of its schedule

    Samsung is shipping the Note 8 early so that it will reach the consumers ahead of the iPhone 8's reveal.
    Samsung recently unveiled the Galaxy Note 8 smartphone. The device features a supersized display screen, dual-lens cameras, and an improved S-pen. A lot of people are very eager to get their hands on...
    2 September 2017
    E. Morilla
  • Siri saves Hurricane Harvey flood victims

    Siri helped a 14-year old girl trapped in Hurricane Harvey floods to call the coast guard and to rescue the entire family stranded in the area.
    Smart devices such as smartphones and tablets are becoming increasingly common these days, with almost every person owning at least one device. The inclusion of a personal assistant based on AI makes...
    5 September 2017
    S. P
  • Apple plans to build an Iowa data center that fully runs with renewable energy

    The company chose Waukee, Iowa because it has minimum risk for natural disasters.
    Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, recently announced that the company will build two new data centers in Waukee, Iowa. The company is willing to spend $1.375 billion on its first phase. According to Apple...
    26 August 2017
    E. Morilla
  • The unofficial selling price of the iPhone 8 should not be surprising

    High-priced iPhone 8 unlikely to alter consumer demand, availability a concern.
    Apple is expected to unveil its much-awaited iPhone next month, the redesigned flagship which will reportedly come at a price. The word out is that the iPhone 8 will cost roughly close to $1,000, a...
    28 August 2017
    R. Joseph
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