The US tech giant Apple is once again on the hot seat. The latest story involves some fresh details about its latest smartphone: the much-talked iPhone 11. The new phone will feature three cameras.

New details have emerged from Compare Raja and On Leaks, suggesting that the upcoming iPhone 11 will possibly feature a better front-facing camera. The new phone is said to feature 14 MP and 10 MP cameras, along with the still unknown third camera sensor. Assuming the reports are true, the iPhone will be a significant upgrade from the 7 MP cameras to a more powerful 10 MP camera.

The latest addition would improve and benefit Face ID.

Apple to stick with a Lightning port on iPhone 11

According to the Redmond Pie, the Cupertino-based company could stick with a Lightning port on the iPhone 11. This new report about Apple ditching USB-C port has reportedly disappointed many Apple fans, who have stocked up on USB-C cables in the hope of charging two Apple devices with the same charging cables. The use of USB-C port on iPhone 11 is no longer new. This has already been predicted in the previous leaks. Samsung is also countering Apple tables with a new Galaxy.

However, there’s still a strong possibility that Apple could use USB-C in its upcoming smartphone models, considering the length of time before the official announcement.

Since the tech giant is expected to launch three new iPhones for this year, the world could still expect some big changes in the upcoming iPhone models.

In addition to the USB-C port, the upcoming iPhone 11 might also include some internal layout changes. The changes will be needed to make way for the third camera. Apple fans could learn more about this upcoming iPhone model in September when Apple is expected to reveal their latest product to the market.

Apple might face some serious trouble

In other Apple-related stories, the tech giant might expect some big problem in the coming months. Forbes has learned from L.A.-based financial and investment firm Wedbush, that the company might expect some significant price cuts on its iPhone XR models. According to Forbes, the tech giant might experience a code red situation in China, one of the company’s biggest market.

The company is facing increased competition. Its core flagship product, the iPhone, is under attack from low-cost competitors. To cope with the new challenge, Apple needs to make some aggressive maneuvers, implement some pricing cuts, and upgrade new models. Also, Dell is beefing up its market position.