Apple had their big showcase on September 12 The brand is one of the top around, as over the summer they surpassed a value of one trillion dollars. Steve Jobs had developed the brand into a powerhouse before succumbing to cancer, but the company has been in good hands since then. At their reveal event, Apple announced their latest lineup of three different iPhones and a new Apple Watch. Below are the differences between the iPhones and the additions to the new Watch.

Three new phones

This is not the only time that the popular brand has announced three different iPhones for its lineup, as that happened last year as well.

It can be confusing to figure out what exact model to buy, as there are so many different devices and the market is oversaturated with technology. The three new iPhones are called the XS, XS Max, and XR respectively, but according to an article by The Verge, all of them share some of the same features. The main differences are the camera, battery, and color scheme. According to the article: "Apple is putting the same core hardware into every one of its 2018 iPhones."

The XS Max is for people who want a bigger screen with an improved battery life over the iPhone X, while the iPhone XS has a dual camera and is water resistant at a smaller size. Lastly, the XR is the lowest price with most of the same features with different color combinations.

The three iPhones will all contain an A12 chip, which is promised to be faster than any phone before. The camera is said to take higher quality pictures, but the iPhone XS and XR include something called "Apple's True Tone Tech, which adjusts the display's temperature to match the ambient lighting around you."

One big feature of the new lineup is that the home button is no more and has been replaced with Face ID.

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The sound on the phones is said to be much improved and allow for a better presentation. They also will be able to record stereo audio according to the article. Both the iPhone XS and XS Max will ship on September 21 and are priced at $999 and $1,099. These two are said to have the better battery life, with the iPhone XS having a completely different look.

These devices can be pretty expensive, but what is crazier, is that Sony is planning to release a robotic dog that will cost $2,899 dollars.

The iPhone XR is the more affordable iPhone, with more color combinations and it starts at $749. Preorders kick off on October 19 with an October 26 release. This model will be available later than the other two.

No more iPhone X

The iPhone X was highly criticized when it arrived due to its high price, along with not being of high quality for its estimate. The X will no longer be sold when the new lineup comes out. It managed to sink, as sales were not good for it and customers chose to get the iPhone 7 or 8 instead. The new phones will also have wireless charging and this time it is faster than the iPhone X.

Due to the arrival of the three new iPhones, the iPhone 7 will be lowered to $449 dollars, according to the article by Cnet and the 8 is priced at $599.

In other exciting news, according to the article, Apple's new operating system, iOS 12 will be available on September 17, with MacOS Mojave on September 24.

Apple Watch Series 4

Apple wanted to make a new Apple Watch that focuses on the health of an individual, with a lot of upgrades in that aspect. According to an article by Cnet, the face size on the watch will be bigger with a new design and they replaced the button with touch regions. It will have emergency calls, "FDA-cleared built-in electrocardiogram." Preorders for the device will kick off on September 14 and ship on September 21. The cost will start at $400 dollars. The Series 1 Watch will be eliminated, while the Series 3 will become cheaper, as a result.