With a teased late 2019 MacBook Pro redesign, it came as no surprise when Apple announced the addition of a 16-inch variant to its popular MacBook Pro lineup. Despite the anticipation of the laptop’s release, the 16-inch MacBook Pro has definitely raised a number of questions. Namely, how much is somebody willing to pay for a laptop?

According to Apple, it’s about $2,400, which is the price of their new Macbook Pro - and that’s just the base model. With a price like that, you’d expect a top-notch computer, and Apple delivers on that promise. With the return to more traditional keyboard design, a physical escape key, fantastic sounding speakers, and a 16-inch screen, this laptop exceed all other Macbooks on the market.

Hardware and software related complaints are few and far between regarding this device, with user's qualms usually concerning the irksome (if not slightly gimmicky) touch bar. The 2019 16-inch MacBook Pro is a good device, in every sense of the word. It knocks the fundamentals out of the park and delivers a powerful computer with a premium price tag. But there’s one big problem.

For whom, Apple?

In general, the allure of a MacBook is that of a functional device, designed for relatively casual use. Those who seek computers with top-of-the-line specs generally don't lean toward MacBooks. In the gaming world, they're complete anomalies. So who, exactly, does Apple think this computer is made for?

The specs seem to suggest the computer is for hardcore users, or perhaps for those seeking to edit photographs. However, power users generally tend to be more partial toward PCs that excel in one category rather than your jacks-of-all-trades, e.g., MacBooks.

As for the photo editor, perhaps this could have been the niche that this computer appeals to.

I say 'could of,' though because a glaring mistake undermines this notion on Apple's part: A lack of an SD card slot.

With no discernible purpose and a $2,400 price tag, I can't help but wonder who Apple thinks this computer is appealing to? The MacBook Pro doesn't even excel at being a portable laptop, with its 4.3 lb weight making it considerably heavier than other alternatives.

Additionally, an inability to upgrade the laptop or make repairs from home is no doubt disappointing for all those DIY people out there. If you're a casual user looking for a functioning computer (who isn't willing to drop the big bucks on a laptop), there's plenty of choices for you. Previous gen MacBooks are your best bet if you're already in the Apple 'ecosystem,' and if not, there are hundreds of options to explore. Plenty of cutting-edge computers are readily available for frequent internet users with next-to-nothing price tags. Or at least it seems that way in the face of Apple's newest and most expensive addition to their MacBook Pro lineup.

The final verdict:

All jokes aside, the 2019 MacBook Pro 16-inch is, to sum it up in a word, impractical.

The device is too heavy to act as a portable computer viably and too expensive for a casual Internet user. It almost feels as if Apple just released the laptop to rake in a little extra cash. Are there improvements from the last MacBook Pro? Sure. But do these changes warrant the $2,400 price? Not in any world that I live in. Looking past the slightly larger screen, better sounding speakers, and nicer keyboard, there’s not a whole lot more that you’re getting. My advice: stick with last year’s MacBook.