An endless debate erupted in the United States after news outlets revealed that Donald Trump gave critical spy data to the Russian government. The big question asked was - who is the mysterious "source'" of the intelligence information on ISIS?

Trump shared Israel's Intel data with its enemy

President Trump's infamous Intel leak with the Russians happened at a private White House dinner. The confirmation came from a former US intelligence agent, who revealed the source was Israel. This, he said, will strain all potential diplomacy with the Israeli leader and the USA.

Benjamin Netanyahu is the closest ally of the US and a key intelligence force in the Middle East. Israel has continually played a key role in US foreign interest and the war against ISIS. And now Trump's Intel leak poses some significant turmoil as Israel and Russia are not allies. However, Russia could share the information with its ally Iran, a nation Israel considers an enemy.

Reportedly, the Israeli government refused to comment on the issue. In a statement Ron Dermer, Israel's ambassador to the US said the two countries will continue to enjoy a healthy relationship. Dermer gave his assurance that both countries would still work closely together in the war against terror. Israel's ambassador reaffirms his country's confidence in the intelligence network shared between the two countries.

Shockingly, Trump confirmed Intel leak on Twitter

The controversy started after the White House hosted the Russian foreign minister and ambassador at a private event. Trump allegedly shared vital intelligence of a potential terrorist plot with Islamic State militants and the Russians. The leak gets even more complicated as Israel had warned the US to be careful about the sensitive aspects of the data.

Reportedly, White House staff quickly denied the intelligence leak after the Washington Post reveals the story. But shockingly, the president contradicted his administration and confirmed the breach on Twitter the next morning. He said he has "absolute right" to share vital information with other nations, who will help fight ISIS and reinstate the Middle East stability.

Trump said he considers Russia a key player in various international operations. He had also controversially endorsed 'a two-state solution' in the Israel-Palestine conflict. However, this didn't go well with the Israelis, who considered the United States of America a staunch ally.

The recent development has strained the problematic diplomacy among the three nations even further. And according to experts, they are keenly observing the United States and Israel relationship to see if it will survive President Donald Trump's latest betrayal.