Little Sherin Mathews was laid to rest on Tuesday. The 3-year-old Texas girl was buried according to the culture and religious beliefs of her family. According to WBIR.TV, the adoptive mother, Sini Mathews along with close friend and relatives attended the burial at a secret location. According to the family attorneys, they wanted a private ceremony to avoid intense attention from the public.

The timeline of Sherin’s tragic death

The Texas girl was missing for two weeks before law officials found her body. Sherine, who weighed only 22 pounds was found dead near the family home in Richardson, Texas.

The adoptive father of the child stated that he had locked her out the house because she did not drink a glass of Milk. Lawyers representing the family; Mitchell R. Nolte and Gregg Gibbs reported that the actions of the adoptive father had caused the child's death. According to the attorneys, he had physically helped her drink a glass of milk on Monday, October 17.

The accused Wesley Mathews in the company of his lawyer revealed to the Richardson Police Department that he forcefully made the child drink a glass of milk. However, this was after giving several false statements to the law enforcement officials.

According to previous affidavits, Mathews provided several stories about the disappearance of the child after the family reported her missing.

The accused said he had ordered the child to stand outside by a tree at 3:00 a.m. A statement issued by KXAS News stated that Mathews claimed he had gone to check on the child 15 minutes later, and noticed she was missing. The news station reported that it had learned that the family did not report their daughter’s disappearance until 8:00 AM that morning.

Adoptive father watched as child chokes to death

The Richardson Police Department spokesperson said the child’s adoptive father told detectives that he had forced her to drink milk in the family garage. Also, the affidavit showed that the child had started drinking the milk when she choked and started coughing. Mathews revealed that he watched as the young girl gasped for air as she choked on the glass of milk.

Matthews further stated that the child became unresponsive and when he could not feel any pulse, he removed her body from the home. Law enforcement officials have reported that several charges were filed against him for the murder of the 3-year-old girl. The accused killer now is on a one million dollar bond for first-degree murder and currently, sits in a Richardson jail awaiting his day in court.