Smart philosophers have always said that history has a way of repeating itself, thus the saying holds true with the ongoing saga at the Republican-led White House. Reportedly, the United States President is embroiled in one of the biggest scandals to have hit the United States of America in the 21st century.

Well, for those of you who were around in the early 1970’s, or were old enough to understand President Richard Nixon's Watergate scandal, definitely can almost tie Donald Trump’s drama to the scandal that brought down Nixon in 1974. With that said, President Trump, perhaps may be the next leader of the U.S.

to be impeached and forcefully removed from the White House.

Senator calls for subpoena of secret tapes if they exist

The U.S. 45th President had threatened the ex-Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), warning him that there better not be any secret recordings of the conversations they shared together. The similarity here is that Nixon's scandal also had secret tapes that eventually shook the floors of the white mansion at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in 1974.

On Saturday, during an interview, Sen. Mark Warner (D-VA.), a Senate Intelligence Committee member, told ABC’s News that the judicial system should subpoena Comey for the mystery tapes.

Reportedly, since the first day the President set foot in the Oval Office, he along with his administration had intimidated anyone, who was a part of the investigative body tasked with investigating his business and political ties to Vladimir Putin's’ Kremlin.

And reports have surfaced that he had fired two other high profile individuals, who were investigating one of the White House secretaries.

Do tapes exist of Trump and Comey conversation?

However, the straw that broke the camel’s back, is the firing of James Comey Jr., who allegedly may have secret tapes of conversations between him and President Trump.

Unbeknownst to Donald Trump at the time he abruptly fired the FBI’s Director, that if secret tapes exist, they could effortlessly destroy his presidency.

According to several news outlets, Comey was fired because he had requested more monetary resources as well as manpower to help solve the Russian-USA election scandal. Accusations have been floating around that Russia’s President Vladimir Putin had commissioned a team of hackers to hack the computers of the Democratic Party, especially that of Hillary Rodham Clinton.

The private information that was stolen from Trump’s presidential rival was used against her as a weapon of mass destruction. Reportedly, millions of Democrat-aligned voters cast their ballots for her rival because of the damning information that was sent to them by the Russian hackers.

Donald Trump, the billionaire magnate, and his family owned numerous businesses around the globe. Reportedly, the President has been a longtime friend of Putin, who allegedly helped him win the 2016 election. Several sources said, perhaps, Trump has many secret organizations within the Russian Empire.

Hmm, and the plot thickens, is this a Nixon-like Watergate scandal all over again, or just a Hollywood movie remake of an old Russian-USA spy thriller?