Congressman Bob Brady reported to CBS News that his good friend of over 40 years; Jimmy Tayoun, had died. Tayoun served in an official capacity, representing the state as well as at the local level. The Philadelphia politician had also served three years in prison for tax evasion. According to the embattled Brady, his friend was an avid lover of politics and loved talking and helping people.

The 87-year-old had served three terms representing the state of Pennsylvania in the US House of Representatives, and also served for 11 years on the state’s city council.

Democrat Bob Brady embroiled in political scandal

Meanwhile, Robert Mueller's investigative team summoned two political consultants for Rep. Bob Brady to Capitol Hill. The two consultants were on Tuesday invited to answer questions about the 2012 election to help elect Philadelphia’s most influential politician, Democrat Bob Brady.

Government prosecutors said Donald Jones and Kenneth Smukler played a role in an unlawful $90,000 donation paid to an opponent to convince him to withdraw from the race. Brady, who has worked for 20 years on Capitol HIll, distanced himself from the FBI's investigation, and while there were no charges laid out against him, prosecutors warned that he could try to sway the witness.

A grand jury indictment stated that ex-Philadelphia attorney Jimmie Moore agreed to opt out of the 2012 race after the congressman decided to reimburse his campaign debts. The state prosecutor said that the government law has a limit of a $2,000 minimum in contributions from one political campaign to another. Therefore, a $90,000 payment from Moore’s rival to pay off campaign debts would establish an illegal contribution.

No crime committed according to Brady's lawyer

The indictment stated that Jones and Smukler assisted Moore in evading the contribution limit. Brady's campaign facilitated the payment by channeling the illegal funds through their consulting agencies, which issued fake invoices to cover the paper trail.

Smukler, who has played a pivotal role in Philadelphia's politics did not respond to messages from the Associated Press, but Jones told the AP News agency that he wasn’t aware of the criminal charges.

The men are charged with conspiracy, as well as going against the campaign finance rules and reporting statutes. The congressman’s lawyer, James Eisenhower, revealed that the case against Jones and Smukler was unfortunate, but his client doesn’t support bribery and unlawful contributions.

Eisenhower stated that he and Brady have cooperated with the Justice Department's inquiry. According to Brady's attorney, the Congressman did not commit a criminal offense. The lawyer reiterated that his client had already acknowledged that he agreed to assist Moore with some of his campaign loans. Brady's lawyer insisted that the councilman's actions are legal in politics.